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Trump nominated jeffrey beaver stock of mobile and terry more of montgomery to be federal judges for the southern district of alabama he also nominated emily cudi marks of montgomery and brett tally for judge ships in the middle district of alabama coastal alabama is getting a lot busier as residents of florida head north and westward to flee from hurricane erbas path the mass evacuations order by florida governor rick scott will create an influx of traffic on interstates 65 and ten scott ordered a hundred thousand residents out of the miami dade county is alone alabama state transportation officials met on thursday to prepare for possible traffic columns i'll dots spokesman tony harris says the state has already seen a traffic increase the category five storm is expected to hit southern florida sometime by saturday morning hotels in southern and central alabama are already filling up several shelters are now opening to accommodate those who are evacuating florida the city montgomerie is opening done oliver akhadov as of last night at a will and blunt counties are also opening shelters talladega superspeedway says they're campground is open for evacuees as well and on this day in 1960 in alabama history the george c marshall space flight center in huntsville was dedicated by president white d eisenhower the redstone arsenal where the center is based was where the first team develop the saturn rockets that launched astronauts to the moon in nineteen sixty nine for details on these stories and more click on yellowhammer news dot com i'm andrea thais yellowhammer news is brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people.

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