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Sean Salah's Berry. CONGRATS. been called Michael Carroll before by peeps or Collins. Michael College you're coming year Sager Bob. KC. Bob You say what is opening when I say slots Berry would you say congrats on the name change? Went, from SA L. S. Two S. L. A. S. snozzberry some big big deal. It is a huge change the change, your license Houston Texans Legends Golf Tournament of Champions yesterday got about nine holes in before the heavens opened up. But what a nice golf course man. He played out there might yeah a few times I almost got into my alligator once I was a kid out there almost got eat move by Al.. My cousins plants knows legit alligator pawn and I'll stand next to the pond I was like twelve years old. Michael. It's like creeping its head out of the water darted. Could you imagine if you would like you beat now? You wouldn't be here right now I wouldn't early meet my leg. Right, it was creeping towards me what what are those? What are those things were there at Arizona not lizards what do they call those GEICO. GECKO. Among other things. But what if it was a good oversized Gecko it was not came what if it was the GEICO Gecko I can confirm those a full-on gator full gator. Yeah. You almost became gator Bait. Nice Good Golfer track. You thank you to the Texans Ledge. A lot of you know former Ricky Pierce was out there as a didn't get to enjoy it all because the rain but man and it came down poured fell amount out about standing water. You know lift clean and place at one point right? Solid ball striking going on. But really nice. Golf. Course people thank you rob Lynch and everybody to put that on and into the Texans Houston Texans in the legends were out there and some some good. Old School buddies out there. There were playing in it and it was fun. So and my group was awesome. We just didn't get to enjoy all of it because the rain, but it was really really good and and well planned and very, very nice and I can't thank you guys enough for us be a part of it in for your invite to me. Beautiful Golf Course. Let's get to. Robert Robert Thoughts on Jeff Luneau after watching last night. Good Morning. Gentlemen a a couple of quick points and then I'll hang up and listen my first as an astros fan lifelong saying I was hoping hoping and maybe a little naive about it. But I was really hoping that they would be some sort of a little bit of closure regarding the whole situation but that went out the window real quick. Once he started answering the questions and it was all about him clearing his name in the scandal second I do believe he's going to get another job in baseball I. Think you know show you hit nail on the head some it only takes one person and position that just needs to convince their owner like look. Luneau crew, you know he he made the cardinals what they were. The ashes were yeah I think with technology that came about and being in power everything came to a head and there was no turning back. Do I believe he was completely oblivious to what was going on now? Agree. I. Mean You know again I it it still man it just it's just rings astro fan I mean it's like I love baseball and I love football I mean NFL full..

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