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I mean how how long this carries on and how much it can be improved in. There are pluses and minuses we. We know that I've enjoyed the week so fob but tonight was was jarring now. Yes Matt was denied aged going into the French press cards however he went bowling into Novak Djokovic is press conference today we heard from him yesterday Novak Talking About Harry thought that Davis Cup an ATP Cup should merge Matt has been asking him a bit of a follower. Never listen to this Novak. I just just wanted to follow up on something you said yesterday that you think maybe the ATP cop in Davis Cup should merge come together Yep A news suggested is it a week in September perhaps the US Open now oversee. The kind of elephant in the room is that the Labor Cup currently occupies that place in the calendar. Just so it's I'm just wondering What are your thoughts about the long term future of that competition in its place in the calendar in this discussion about team competitions? And do you think other team. Competition should take priority over it. Well Labor Cup is Very important for tennis. I think it has proven in the last three years that By attracting the best tennis players in the world and also the legends of our sport and presenting a unique concept to tennis which is A very similar also copy paste Ryder Cup in Golf. is something that has Generated a lot of interest in a lot of if Benefits for for tennis. That is the reason why it's in the ATP calendar even does does not have points but it is regarded as an important competition for your future of tennis and I definitely think Labor Cup should you know be supported by the tennis community But at the same time you know when we talk about team competitions Davis Cup has always. He's been the one that stands out the most historic one and Unfortunately in the last three years that also I've been let's say say part of this kind of negotiations and conversations that were happening between the F. and ATP and Cosmos and Different sides that were involved and There was just no unfortunately solution or no deal for the merger of the two events but from the very very beginning the desire from both sides was always there and I and it's still there so there's chocolate it's talking about Labor Cup which is is quite interesting. Isn't it that was. That was a cool follow actually given that he didn't play it earlier this year and given the is obviously part of this this sort of political team soup that we've got going on right now it wasn't just being diplomatic. Do we think or do you feel like that is a position that he accepts is not going to change and live a copy is here to stay and actually that also I mean he's aww positive is though is frankly there's room for that end another possibly a little bit of both he was. He was quite diplomatic Kind of slightly slightly talk to round it And Yeah I do think he does think that now it's an you know in in conjunction with the ATP is going to make it kind of even even more difficult to prioritize something over that event that event. I don't think he's he's going anywhere so I think he just recognizes that it is another part of this kind of ongoing team competition problem bloom and he doesn't. He doesn't have the solution but I do think he speaks well on the topic as a whole and I do agree with his position. Basically I I I think the Labor should be kept. I must say and I think that the HP Cup and Davis Cup should be he combined and it should be called Davis Cup and it should be the best event it can possibly be and if we can reach a stage where those two things are possible. Then I I would be happy with that. I would as well I think that both by you and by joke which is very well put. I think where it reached a bit of an impasse is fat as identified by Jovic. There is a clearly desirable. There is a clearly number one desirable place for a team. Competition in in the men's calendars currently exists and Labor Cup pies. That place I. I'm perfectly happy for a he. Combined Davis Cup. ATP Cup which. I would want to be called Davis Cope Delay Cup to exist. I agree I think there's a place swoopes absolutely but I won't. I would want Davis Cup to be given priority in terms of scheduling And that's where I see the issue because that it is clearly the prime the prime position in the calendar clearly capturing can I can I ask do you feel that the should be the strongest longest possible Davis Cup in the strongest possible Fed Cup. Or do you feel that they should be combined in a heartbeat. I just see that is a I'm I'm I'm trying to be pragmatic rather than idealist Like to think that that's a real possibility. Bit Given where we all currently gently Just reconciling issues with the men's calendar is Is Difficult Enough But oh absolutely in a hot being no brainer combined find okay. I did have a somebody come back to me on twitter today and just make a very compelling case for the Fed Cup staying saying and being recognized in its own rights which. I didn't agree with person because I think Jen. You think that the strongest events listen tennis. All the grand slams are combined they are. They're everything and so if we had a team version of that then all the better but that's Yeah I mean I take your point I just listened to that chat the CEO from Ninety F- sad did wonder whether actually you know maybe in a few years if really is the strive drive and they make that a priority. What why not just finally somebody keeps about away White Matt's just quickly before we move on from Jackovitch just something you said to us earlier today? Matt Solvency fairly new to this world and US. You know you were setting you can change. Yeah but he went running out of the the kind of magic doing a video of himself today. So we're flying and you went into Novak's explain. That was a great question you asked him and use. You said to us after that he kind of makes it quite easy to ask a question to. Can you just explain what you mean. Well because he he always gives questions his full attention. I think if if it's a reasonable reasonable question that he doesn't feel has some kind of handle or agenda if it's just a straight question he will you in the eye and he will answer it and it's it's I think is quite I mean. I feel quite comfortable asking him questions. In comparison to some other players for example who might right kind of chop you down. I don't I've not had the experience where he's going to do that and I think he has done that but not with me and yeah yeah I just I feel like he. He's thoughtful and I appreciate that. So that's Serbia through their plan. Russia Britney through as well and there was no today. What was going on there eating being biscuits well? Yeah he's not he's he is not physically ready for this. The intensity of this competition Shen and actually something that he said in that interview that we ran on the coast about ten days ago now with with he was speaking the launch of his Kostov with several journalists. You were there David. He said such confidence. Matt I did. I did go with sharks given any free stuff. We're not saying that Ryan to get free stuff so but he said that his physio thought that kind of going forward the slams are gonna be in the many ways despite the five sets easier events for him given the day off off and I think given the is not in his peak physical condition expecting him to play back to back days after three hour match was probably just not realistic and given the Britain have options in the singles. Columbine was kind of ready to go looking back at it. It's actually a a bit of a no brainer. The and marry didn't play today. I mean he was not in a good physical way yesterday. Who plays tomorrow? Now if Andy Murray is feeling refreshed D drop the British number one. Yes yeah I think I think it is only whole David. Says Drop Donovan's headlined Murray. I'm ready I'm ready to express online. Sorry yes I I've seen both as with with Dan Evans. And it's it's unfortunate for him because he played really well in both of them for set and a half and then he and I don't even think he went off that much in either of them he just he play two players that are bigger and stronger and hit the ball a heck of a lot harder other than he does and they just got on a roll I think he led a certain five three against Robin Hauser and he led a set and four three against Alexander they signed up today and Publix. third-set I don't I don't recall. Seeing tennis. Live from anyone he was he was hitting one hundred and thirty Eh and a second serves regularly and he was just trying to hit winners on every ball going in. He's really good fun he he is. I mean obviously He and Kukushkin lost doubles quite badly to Jamie. Murray Niels Kope up ski but Alexander Puplic in doubles was just an obsolete low fast. He was going. He was getting one hundred Asian. Thirty five MPH ACES on second serves and Kush givers turning round gang. May I'm here to you making making decisions for both of us so make better ones. I mean ludicrous. Awesome it also winning strategy but it was really entertaining and I think on on Dan Evans. He's if he were to play tomorrow uh-huh later today. I should say He would play Yanlin strove who while not quite as EXP- perhaps quite as explosive explosive and Sort of mercurial as public is very much of the same ilk in that he can completely take Max away from you with his power and his big serve and I think therefore matchup wise. It might be an idea to move it about tomorrow. Put put Mary back in after his his day off. Although Leeann Smith was Bhai no means particularly confident about that and think But if he might do that then you can shift Edmund. Up The number one position Edmund was awesome today. He was immense. He was was like purposeful and exotic aggressive. All the things you want to be. He was it was a little bit scary when he was fist. Pumping and chest bumping again. You know that we don't see often and when we do it takes you back a little bit. But he was great from from right from the start. I thought OKAY EDMONDS EDMONDS UP FOR LISTS. He's probably well he's bringing bringing in an energy to the core which he just hasn't done not not just on tour but he hasn't really done. It Davis Capo that often. Either it was a it was a totally different Edmund and also I thought Leon John Smith was a lot more vocal on the bench within. He was really sort of standing up after every point getting not getting in his face but really a encouraging him and Smith can sometimes be a captain that but also he can be quiet passive. Sometimes it just depends on the situation. He oversee read. The car was just this ball of energy today and was feeding them. If we had confirmation from Colorado and that the Franco in K.. Divine partnership is go. 'cause it was on a trial basis in Paris. Wasn't it yeah. They're kind of still going to be traveling a little bit sir. I heard I heard it was on now. Yeah it's officially on is no longer trial. Yeah but call today that still kind on of in the early period obviously because they don't really know each other yet so he's going to spend some time off season just trying to get to know a bit more with a with a view to felice fully starting starting next season Russia. Yeah how do you. How do coaches and players get to know one? It's interesting questions speed dating. We've had collard man's fist pumping and chest bumping. We've had matt running. I've had a NAP my first nathen six years. Yeah that was the biggest indictment of the Davis Cup scheduling call. The weird broke. David David Law did. I didn't afford their feel really weird anyway enough of that whenever another one for six years. What else has happened today? I what what happened six years ago and you had an APP somebody said. Let's start podcast and Tighten up all my time since right. So yeah that. That's what's happened on court today More quarterfinals tomorrow. Some very sad odd news today in that Rebecca about history. Good hat to return home. His father's passed away which is really sad for him and And we we wish him well. We had better news in as much as our competition. Andrew Millard was in Madrid today and had a lovely time. But but you didn't get saying that he escaped your clutches busy starring in movies. Yeah he was. He was an video on the On the Davis Cup finals website So well done under the lovely day and You go home with some very happy memories away from the Davis Cup finals. We've had some coaching changes folks. Because Angelique Kerber has announced her new coach. All of my predictions have not happened in terms into the coaching. Carousel Dittmar kindle. Men who used to be with a lease is going to be the new coach. He wasn't with the lease mountains anymore. Yes that's not being over here Isla Tomjanovich last year and and how about this one. Diana Yastrzembsky is the player that is hired Sasha engine which is John has shifted you pronunciation. Enunciate Earth because I've been told have been getting it wrong for the last five. Not that someone in the know budgen batting everything buying think that I thought he was basically working with Kim Clijsters. No that was that was somebody who is just inventing venting stuff in order to try to get clicks. Catherine I do think okay. Yes no it was definitely really. I thought it was GONNA be clicks. Somebody who invents things to get clicks a lot. I thought it was going to be gobbled mcgrew who I should budgen ended up with by account do this now and it turns out not as an company. Magritte's this is GonNa be with speculates that she'll get back to cheat Maltese. But it would be lovely a for a number of reasons but I knew that Sir.

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