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December. For now, you might want to consider Irving Park Road as a good alternate. Your next traffic report is at 9 38 News Radio 7 80, a model five point out of the AccuWeather forecast. A frost advisory is in effect from late tonight through early tomorrow morning. Leftover showers this morning have left mostly clouds today with a high of 56 degrees for the Bears game at 3 25. Some clouds will break for sunshine with a kickoff temperature of 55. Clear skies tonight Chilly, though, with a low near 32 degrees in some suburbs to 40 degrees at the lakefront. Plenty of sunshine tomorrow with a high of 61 degrees, currently under mostly sunny skies. It's 45 degrees at O'Hare 44 at Midway 45 degrees in Kankakee under cloudy skies also 44 degrees at the lakefront. Again heading to a high of 56 degrees. W B b m news time 9 30. After every weekend in Chicago. We hear about the death toll how many shootings there have been and how many people have died. How many of them were so young? And after every weekend, police and local officials explain what progress we're making to stop the violence or not? Is almost certainly no one thing that anyone could do to halt the shootings and the killings. But there are efforts and approaches and this weekend we're going to look at what's called restorative Justice. Hello, I'm political editor Craig Della more and this is at issue. Wait. We're going to talk about an approach to reducing violence in the most troubled communities that focuses on repairing the harm done in more ways than one. Restorative justice is a concept that's been around for a while, probably even longer than there's been a name for it, and it can mean different things to different people. But there's an effort to help us better understand how it could have a bigger.

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