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That when ballot check screwed around he got to do last year if they did in the game has been far so tommy beat the broncos i've seen possibly down to me and we've is we as i think we do i mean i'm good i'm the same that and when we're not shooting for the division of course was to division but we're shooting for big things are yes a lot i'm just saying that when you like the waiting to division like saying it i mean bit is going but this of them well since i for us in both him i got ta the last thing that was a rough two always a powerhouse i mean it would be a one and i mean yeah game is game is back in the damon begin be that it's state who was team and now he barely now they do some time playing time the tweet we will tom where you know boards and when you look at the last fifteen years winston vision has been more difficult over the fifteen years it's not even close to see wentz has been tougher than the afc east it's not even callers yeah that's known as best and that's when season started it started from earl thomas is tweak okay that's true but i mean by back i mean old into into is an three in a row you guys on the nfc championship since out a good good defense and so it's isn't going out on that is and wasn't get run for recently i mean one of the com or the and then in the last ten years in the lessons he's every team in the nfc west wants assuming will every team every day they with a lot of sustainable for a lot of it is able your kids in the a's he's the bills i mean going to the playoffs so that was the jim tallied and yeah and i has been i'm just and have a good we're going to say someone such again coach because this grabbed divisions nhl talent he went to penn state and in a horrible situation where kids when leaving left and right couple last ousters had a winning record both years there by the way why hey you know bill o'brien is one of your diet is but the i'm just saying who i get you don't talk and i'm i'm just no i did yeah.

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