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Professor, Ricky, Jennifer discussed on BBC Newshour


The university of Campinas it's one of the top research institutes in the country and in the halls of some Polish state which is seen cases this is what I have but I but you know he's not working on it I just had to move in one corner of the campus is a large house look tough to buy at the end of his work to his feet and environment making sure the university hospital is fully stocked with the only two can you see on the maths professor by profession and Ricky is part of a four hundred number totals force at the university trying to tackle the pandemic through innovation research and hard work he's found himself though playing the role of diplomatic or trade negotiator in recent months helping to solve the Quitman like gloves and gowns from abroad well he wants to help he says he's doing this particular role because the government is absent basically they're not Jennifer in fact if you want to do anything that would be better than what we see now they're in complete disarray and in fact they are in many ways harmful to the process of responsible.

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