Napster, Copyright Infringement, Mount Everest discussed on RuPaul: What's The Tee? with Michelle Visage - Episode 113: Bob Lefsetz and David Russell


The the landscape changes and these strategy employed by the music business was fallacious the example i always use is if you watch saturday morning westerns which no one does any more of a people of a certain age will remember the people robbed the bank and then they have a town meeting the town meeting is never let's get a giant megaphone put it on top of the bank and yell bringing the money back remember usac business learned this the movie business has still not learned this in the television business is not learned this you have to get ahead of the customer with streaming it's the first time their head of the customer i get email every day oh i own stream because you know i have to worry about that a charge would if there's not a signal they'll know that thousands of tracks assuming you're paying your subscription sink to your phone such at if your phone has juice you can listen on the top of mount everest okay so even the public is slightly behind streaming for the first time that's good so when you win back to the year two thousand at napster i certainly thought it was illegal and it was door copyright infringement to be technical which is what are we shut down upon but what was going on with napster was unbelievable their tracks i loved that i didn't want to buy who album to hear an or they'd gone out of print or live versions all of this stuff surfaced.

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