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According to Josina Anderson, the Dallas Cowboys have acquired Amari Cooper from the Oakland Raiders that was going to happen. Thank you Jerry didn't talk after the game yesterday. And then he canceled his normal radio appearance tomorrow. He cancelled it already. I'm guessing he was in talks or discussions where you don't want to say anything. Any idea what the compensation has been? No, not yet. All we have is the report. Well, I gave up at least a second round pick. I guarantee that is it. Thanks. Remember? I I was reading this yesterday when they were talking about this move exactly nudist Cowboys would they do it. And the answer to me was yesterday with we see them do stuff like this before never never with the line. I'm blanking on his name right now, but wide receiver they give up a charge Johnson. No. I the second. Now wasn't Charles Johnson? Was it? Charles, ROY Williams, ROY Williams. Charles johnson. He was another bad top wide receiver that they drafted. I think oh, why cannot think about off the rods. Calendar. Got you were thinking Rogers. I got Charles Rogers Johnson, Calvin Johnson in my head and everything. Go ahead. I'm sorry. They gave up a I think a first the second in a fourth in that trade. And it was a terrible trade Williams is he wasn't big boy big receiver. Right. He was done. It was a cherry when the Cowboys traded with Detroit. Get ROY one to four. Yes. Joey Galloway they gave up to number ones. I think he was a better player than Williams was in Dallas. But that was a lot to give they traded to Terry. Glenn didn't they? The patriots. Or did they sign him as a free agent? Remember the Cowboys had him. You think you think a second got done? I think so I mean, let's see a one they may have given up a one. But I mean, what that says to me is that they're probably gonna signing to a long term deal. Yeah. Because they need they need a wide receiver. Here's the problem with that. I have questions whether he's he's a good good NFL player. Yeah. We'll find out. We don't know. I don't know what it is. Maybe he wasn't happy in Oakland. I don't know. He's under contract next year. Put he's due on that fifth year option. Fourteen people. Yeah. So it makes sense to knock that cap. Number town, sign long long-term, eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. They got to find out what they're gonna do with that. I think Dax is eligible for one year left on his deal. He's getting resigned. Right. If you're trained for Mark Cooper, you might as well as much crap is Jon Gruden getting right for beat what he's doing. He's clearly tearing that team down to rebuild it with draft pick. He is don't make it out to beat the team. He wants he's got a ten year contract. So it doesn't matter. We have an update on this first round first rounder did it again, he so stupid, Jerry Jones. A first round draft pick. Well, think about it. Is it a bad move? Yes. You don't win in this league by giving up first round draft picks for for wide receivers that have question marks found him. I don't I know I know that but when your team. Who's in a position of you wanna win or you want to at least be a postseason team. Like, what is a rookie wide receiver gonna come in there and tear it up for him like? I mean, it's hard finding a guy that you're going to say this is going to be our wide receiver, and we're going to go forward would help like if they can get Amari Cooper right now. And he can help them out the rest of the year and in the future. And then you sign into a long term deal. You got your your your your wide receiver? I mean, whether you spend first round pick on him now or you try to get it in the draft. Like, they're not going to be a top ten team. Right. If they win setting win eight games where they drafted at fifty six seventy. Middle. Yeah. So for twenty five year old to Tom Pro Bowl wide receiver. I'll say this. I have to give them credit for going for it. I I applaud the balls on them that I ever give me the GM of a team right because I'm more about proven players than I am about guys coming out in the draft. I don't know what the hell. Somebody's going to be coming out of college. I don't know now unless I'm forced to be in that position of taking that guy. Yeah. I'll take him as a backup. But if I got a proven player get him. And if don't cost me money is gonna cost me money. How many first round picks his team going to have the raiders? Holy cow. They're doing they're doing what the what the Browns, right? When the Browns they got all those pigs. Amazing. That's amazing. And like, you said it, and I would I would never have traded a first round draft pick for for Amari Cooper, just based on what I've seen out there. It's me because here's the thing. And you're right. This isn't about the first round pick. Now, you're committing to him with money. Now, he heat you're paying him to be your number one receiver. And if he fails you're screwed if he succeeds care about the first round draft pick, no. Now, your reaction eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four Cowboys have a need. They say screw the first round pick. We're going to get it. Eagles have a need. Howie there. Harry, Howie levian not reporting. You can give a first round pick for. No, no. Because did you gotta residing yet? He's no I wouldn't give the second eight hundred seven nine ninety four ninety four and take aim on somebody from yesterday. I did it with went. Some people are doing Jim Schwartz. Who do you do with eight seven nine ninety four ninety four. The Cowboys has got the best wide receiver on the market your reaction to that eagles fans. We're live at chickens in south Philly..

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