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Tell you a secret just between you me and D.C.? Oh, okay. All right, I am watching the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. Okay. And I am scared for Washington on Sunday. Jalen hurts has been unstoppable, leading Philly to a 21 to 7 lead as this one approaches halftime. His numbers are pretty crazy. 14 of 1692 yards in a touchdown pass, he just had an amazing touchdown run in which Dmitri and I were just talking and it's harder for us to get into the studio than it was for Jalen hurts to get into the end zone on that play. He's got two rushing touchdowns, 41 rushing yards, so he has been unstoppable, the eagles on a roll there, cruising past the Minnesota Vikings there, and they're not even at halftime yet. The Buffalo Bills speaking of cruising, they've scored in every quarter they are up 34 to 7 in the third quarter on the Tennessee Titans and you want to talk about unstoppable. Let's talk about Josh Allen. 317 passing yards four touchdowns and three of those scores have gone to the former turf Stefon Diggs who has 12 catches for a 148 yards. God bless you if he's on your fantasy team. The Washington commanders in Ron Rivera's offensive line? Yeah, they need to play better than they did in Detroit. They were often the first half. We missed a protection, and we missed a couple of run blocks and got to give them credit on one in particular. They were able to cover pretty doggone well. And we didn't have time to throw the ball. Yeah, referencing that play they went for a safety, the O line will be without center chase RIE for a while, Rivera said that he is probably headed to short term injured reserve with a leg injury suffered in that loss to the Lions, the nationals running out of chances in Atlanta, they trail the braves 5 to two top of the 8th inning, the Orioles broke up Tyler Alexander's no hitter with a pair of 7th inning singles, but the Detroit tigers putting a 9 nothing hurting on the Oz in Baltimore, rob would fork WTO sports

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