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Camp in Lake City is set to be cleared out today after mounting complaints Billy Harman's a townhouse near that camp. Frustrated tired of it. We're getting ready to sell our place. So this has been a burden on that the camp is located behind the LA fitness in Lake City today, sweep comes as a city, expands its navigation team, which clears the unsafe camps now so work to connect the homeless to housing and services, mayor Jenny durken, just announced she's adding four new people to the team of thirty eight police officers and outreach workers. There's a growing fear that drought and disease are killing off Washington's state tree. More from komo's Brian Calvert. Forest manager, Sean Sheldon says there was already an effort to deal with trees, damaged by winter snows in order to prevent major fires. This summer usually around, August that stuff will start being available to consume now, the clearing includes tree damage by blight and it's not just. Retrieve scientists are convinced the state tree, the western hemlock is falling victim to more disease than drought. Because when there's not enough water. This type of tree dies from the top down, the hemlock are dying from the bottom up and very quickly lab tests point to a fungus known as Riziq. Tonia. W S U extensions Kevin's Obras tells the herald, don't replace dying trees with more hemlock and cedars replace them with something that's a bit more drought tolerant. Brian Calvert, KOMO news study from the nature conservancy claims, the US saves twelve point one billion dollars a year and heat reduction services because of the number of trees in the country, the technical term that we use for as ecosystem service. And so that's just a fancy way of saying, what nature is doing for us without us having to pay nature. Professor Vic shonda says the trees limit heat related deaths and illness, as well as cooling costs. And of course, help clean the air sound transit is asking the state supreme court to take direct review of a class action lawsuit filed by tax payers over car tab fees. Komo's carleen. Jeanne? Johnson reports the agency's hoping to bypass review by the Tacoma court of appeal straight to the state supreme core. There were more important and more rich. So they get to cut in line Maria frost transportation center director for Washington policy center, says sound transit's argument is if they stick with the current plan and have the case heard in the court of appeals. It could slow approval of US DOT loan and an FTA grant for Federal Way link, so with so much money on the line. They cite the urgency horrible argument a horrible principal, and I don't think anybody wants us to print court policy where the more money you have the farther up in line and gets the go. That's not how American law works or should wear sound transit, declined, our interview request. But since an EMA says they are indeed asking the state's high court to expedite resolution of the case. The Commissioner for the court will hear the request for direct review this Thursday, June sixth. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Coming up on the KOMO morning news. Local company ensures and. NFL team travels in luxury. I'm Corwin Hake. Their client is not the Seahawks. But a bitter rival about Kobe. Aaa traffic.

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