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Change takes commitment and change takes trust we will get there we will get there together steve dorsey cbs news west of toronto canadian police have shot n killed a man suspected of being a potential terrorist police say he detonated a bomb in row ontario we get more from puerto reporter katie simpson of the canadian broadcasting corp police and tracked down heck they even looking for in relation to this credible hit for what they called a credible threat the gentleman names in aaron driver he is in his twentieth and he had known to only been a record in the pack by yearning officials because of concerns but he with an eye sympathized the summer olympics us former kapler bercy won her third gold medal anchoring the women's eight hundred meter freestyle realizing he looked like he was clearly the hero of the night she slam the anchor like for the us when she began the us was nearly nine tenths of a second behind australia at the end the dickey was in front of australia by more than one point eight seconds correspondent steve for many in rio after donald trump second amendment remarks both when we're still talking about just what he meant to say with very different interpretation hs here's clinton on trump in general his casual cruelty to a gold star family his casual suggestion that more country should have nuclear weapons and now his casual in citing of violence not so insist trump on fox news what we're talking about his political bour there's tremendous political power to save the second amendment tremendous and you look at the power they have in terms of those and that's what i was referring to obviously that's what i was referring to win everybody knows it even trumps most famous manhattan building ramp headlines wednesday as a twenty year old virginia manning said he wanted to speak to trump climb up the side of his trump tyler using such an cup so you got as high as the twenty first four before the nypd ground them high above a huge afternoon crawford jam below trump was nowhere near bye in fact he will in the climb yrs home state of virginia this is cbs news do you have ten thousand dollars or more in federal stupid.

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