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Now larimer county department of health and environment spokesperson. Apparently after all this came down funds here for you. They apparently cancelled a planned site visit. Just yesterday and a letter sent to resurrection. Christian school indicated that if the schools did not comply with stricter requirements The county would be within its rights to close the school. They're not playing either now estermann. The superintendent also wrote that the school would continue at safeguards and cleaning protocols as well as informing parents of positive tests but ultimately said it proudly supports its parent's rights to make the decision best for their own children and again not minimizing the surge up kobe. Nineteen the fact that we are seeing an increased number of kids contracting nineteen. But we're not seeing the spike in hospitalizations In that same age-group as a result of them getting covert nineteen cases by and large. And again you. Can't generalize across the board here but by and large those cases are relatively Not as serious as for example if you compare it to the number of adults who have not been vaccinated and who are contracting a covert nineteen. But again i ask you. The question. shouldn't be the parents right to make those decisions as a resurrection christian school's superintendent said best for their own children. And don't you think the parents are well aware of what is going on at. The school have chance to talk to a parent of a student at resurrection christian over the weekend and that parent is in full support of what the school is doing but again opinions vary how 'bout yours nine seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop the attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi a text line. Be interested in your thoughts this morning. And how do we resolve this issue. Because the way we're going about it now we're acting. I would say like children like school children but it seems to me. The school children at this point are handling it a whole lot better than our many.

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