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I disagree. I think you'll e.. Casey she lost her brother and her mother within a year. Do you think that she sold that story to radar online. Oh of course so. Do you think that someone who is in grief should be up. I mean I'm appreciative that she is producing the show. I've always said that like I need her to be producing the show but then to not to to not show up mean mean Jerry. You know what I'm saying is. They seem to be saying to her. We see your grief and yet were shocked that you're behaving in the way that you're behaving but that's what they did with Camille as well. They're like yeah we know your house burned down and we're so sorry but how fucking dare you and it's like what but can't we understand. These reactions connected to someone who's lost in a major connection between losing and calling radar online. I don't know ah the answer the answer there but I guess what I'm saying is there they have no leash for people who who are struggling ogling through something and I find the whole treatment of grief on the show to be so strange and from Erica gene to when Lisa brought that up to her about the no she wrote and Erica was offended. That is so offensive to say that your note isn't good enough. Okay it was of course it was wrong but I guess what I'm saying is this person is this grieving and is making wrong decisions. They are in a place in their lives where everything's wrong. The note hit her in a wrong way and the fact that none of these women have any sympathy for that of course she's acting out and she said something about the note that was that offended Erica but they say that they appreciate her grief. They say that they understand. She's grieving and yet they don't WanNa see any of the ways in which people actually grieve doc scattered applause. It's okay wasn't oh. Gals people have an experience major grief in their life and I'm happy for you. All I really am. I don't regret you why we'll see this way that she grieves looks a lot like the way that she lives. Wow I'm going to take a step but I think that's right Danielle which is that she is very attacking. She holds herself above everyone it's hard to she won't really be vulnerable so it's hard to to kind of simple. It's not that it's hard to sympathize. She won't let you grieve with I totally agree but if if someone I knew and cared about was had had suffered that major major loss I would not join a group of six six women in turning against her in that moment in her life. I find that to be reprehensible. Let me ask you if you were to read though Okay and you felt that your friend did something that you felt like went to the papers and she's saying that Dorito abused an animal which is is very damaging. We cannot go there on this June. We have received backlash. She didn't abuse an animal. You just didn't know the right thing to do and she say five thousand dollars..

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