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LA. What is up game. One is coming up for you tonight. Gametime right around five o'clock. Greg Bergman tells me Bob euchre will throw out the opening pitch a legend. His is he still doing the games. Milwaukee games. I don't know. I don't know if he does, but I think it was nor McDonald, once I heard tell a story about how Bob euchre's ability to switch back and forth between calling a game straight and off air telling dirty jokes is unparalleled. It's just amazing the way he can shift back and forth between safer work, not say for work. When I the best I ever worked with on that was was Tom Snyder. Yeah, who could literally drop enough bomb the moment before the red light came. It was uncanny and put out a cigarette. You do that much live television. You eventually figure it out. All right. So dodgers tonight, this is a very close series. I have said, I think it's the dodgers and seven brewers have been the hot team. They've been very hot Levin game winning streak, including must win games game one sixty two and then game one sixty three against the cubs. They only allow two runs on fourteen hits in that whole last series, two shutouts in that series tonight, Clayton Kershaw versus GIO Gonzalez Gonzalez has been three and two thirteen area is a brewer. And if you are curious about how the dodgers lineup matches up against yoga solace, it goes like this, Chris Taylor leading off. He's one for six with the double.

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