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Atlanta, Cobb County, Dekalb County discussed on The Movement with Dr. F Keith Slaughter


On news and talk thirteen eighty. Good morning Atlanta right now, we are at forty five degrees in Stone Mountain. I'm libra Sheherazade. Here's what's happening expecting a pretty strong Arctic cold front to move into the area during the morning hours and along with that cold front. We'll see some rain start out across Melena metro transitioning to some snow snow showers during the morning hours. That's keep Stillman a meteorologist with the national weather service as the city of Atlanta should now. Expect little snow accumulation today areas to the north and west in the metro area are more likely to see the snow possibly up to an end. A winter weather advisory remains in effect until this evening. Drivers are urged to use caution on the roads today and tomorrow morning when a deep freeze hits just five years ago. We had a massive traffic jam throughout the metro area. And if ice and that is a very different condition to operate under than your regular snow Elena, mayor kisha lens bottoms, and Brian Kim. Governor of Georgia announced that they have closed state and city offices today. Dozens of school districts across north Georgia will be close Atlanta public schools will be closed today due to the weather as well as Fulton County schools Clayton county, DeKalb county Marietta city schools, gilmer county, Pauling County, Georgia state campuses, Union County, Rome city, schools, Floyd county and Cobb County schools here, we county schools is dismissing students two hours early and borrow county. Schools will remain open. As of now, Atlanta will open to emergency warming centers to get people out of the cold the add on the old atoms. Ville recreation center and the central park recreation center are open to the public and DeKalb county will open three warming shelters this morning at seven right now..

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