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Two Twenty Six Years, Twenty Five Percent discussed on Zero Blog Thirty


All right welcome back to his ear blocks thirty episodes that's not how restarting welcome back to another edition of zero block thirty we're back from a long break and it feels good to be back in the saddle again i'm uncle chapter and i'll be joined by kate flaming yawn we have captain cons we have radio brandon we also have my dick had neighbor name herald who is edging his yard you might be able to hear him in the background entire episode because he is rude herald had all day and weekend for fucking days timbo an edge is lawn he knows that record on sunday but you can hear in the background and he is pissed me off believe me i'm gonna give him the fair when were done today we're gonna have five rounds in the magazine no as you where we're gonna have four rounds the magazine round number one it's a welcome back after alone july fourth break we hope your states like a certain motivated hard charger who secured mama's house on the fourth of july claire round number two the pentagon's close combat lethality task force which is a ridiculous dickey let's name by the way suggest making some startling changes the imagery like what was the first one is you can't join me if a tree at two twenty six years old round number three admiral bill moran not more on many people are saying as the navy's next chief naval officer after it's been revealed that he kept her relationship with the guy who is known as bad santa we're gonna get into that story a little bit and finally round for warfighter and hero lou dobbs pulls down his red white and blue boxers and shit down the throat every single general since nineteen nineteen ninety one dragged them king all that is gonna be brought to you by our good friends at my cbd nope as you were all of that is gonna be brought to you by our friends at cbd m d c b m d is a leader in the cbd he will industry offers a wide variety of premium cbd products from ditch krista gumy's the top of have it all their products are you as organically grown they utilize a hybrid broad spectrum processing her thc free they do all this stuff together cbd death but it actually taste a lot of the places that you can get cbd stuff it tastes like shit that doesn't taste like shit end to a lady listeners out there that helps you with their pms cms can be downright painful in shitty david pms nature's way of letting us know their bodies are nutritionally imbalance right k indeed any turning the cbd as an all natural alternative that works with the body's yes sees that helped create a desire balance hormones which may make pms a little bit more tolerable and this is to the episode so that's it that'd be period you everybody right k indeed today's goading cbd md dot com and enter promo code dvd twenty five percent off your first order that cbd md dot com with the promo code tony a promo code cbd bbc twentyfive order let go honestly i just scratch their that made some changes to my microphone worried that the listeners might hear me scratching myself is that a concern for you all know now i think it's pretty expected okay new yorker stomach grumbling berg yeah made some changes microphone let's see how it works out how is everybody sports with our utahns did you have a good weekend yeah there's great i i played a lot of golf which is a very enjoyable as always and then.

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