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By Cadillac of Naperville Drive A new 2020 ht six courtesy vehicle Get 0.9% for 16 months. And save. $1000 is the Cadillac of Naperville and playing field. The speedway at Lincoln and Randwick to 14. A gallon at UNM underlined the BP and voter field in Allinson. That'll be 2 16. For 38 traffic and weather together on the gate sponsored by normally remodeling Here's Claire Lane. Most of our delays consolidated here on your expressways, So we're going to start on the Kennedy where you're pretty tied up, actually. You're looking at an hour from here. It's about 40 off the junction up on 18 Montrose 13 in the express 40 minutes back out to the airport had earlier inbound Eaton's crash. It's Cicero. It's been cleared. 33 Lake Road to the Kennedy up on Still all right upon on the ICQ 38 2 Manheim. This 51 23 90 amount Still an hour from 3 90 about 40 from Mannheim upon Stevenson 38 to the tri state 52 veterans but 47 coming in from 3 55. 30 coming in from 2 90 for Dan right out. Also, half on hour Inbound is 23 minutes. Vehicle fire upon on the Bishop Ford blocking the exit to civilly 20 minutes to 80 on the brakes from the steel Bridge. 50 seven's really not too bad lecture Drive south, crowded from north to Chicago. Heavy North bound bauble to Monroe on Lee. Totally really giving you troubles of south on Tri State. Loaded up, sir Mark to Ogden. 75th to the mile Long bridge 80 into Indiana. The delay does carry it a Broadway eastbound 80 94 no westbound 80 94 delays for.

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