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We'll be back in about a minute. Horrible retirement factory with a team from Euclid financial services next. It's hard to go online. These days without seeing another news story about a company falling on hard times. Recently Hasbro has become the next company to restructure in an attempt to turn things around. This means over two hundred employees or no longer employed. Many of them have worked there for over thirty years now left to wonder if the retirement they were promised will even be there. When the time comes if you have concerns about your retirement or job security, you should call. You could find your services. You could services specializes in getting people to and through their entire tournament. Over the years. We have helped hundreds of clients understand their options in we can do the same for you. We help local workers make better choices about their retirement options and benefits. Call you could find services today at four zero one seven two seven two seven two seven and schedule your complimentary financial stress test that's four zero one seven two seven twenty seven twenty seven or go online to Euclid s dot com. You see? L I D efforts and financial services dot com. Attention sewers, Euclid sewing club needs your help you're invited to join us for a chat and charity session as the Euclid sewing club is starting a new project for our twenty eighteen charitable events. We're donating to the Holly Charette house benefiting women who bravely served our country. The Euclid sewing club is proudly rising to the challenge of making betting to these soldiers. Our time to give back to these courageous women as they transition back into civilian life by making blankets..

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