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And it will change your own. Unbound dot org Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 10 03 on New Jersey one at 1.5. New Jersey What a 1.5 instant weather thunderstorm, But some areas this evening Otherwise, Hibbard Tonight partly cloudy number nine languages 67 to 72 degrees. Hot, humid weather tomorrow. Partly sunny high of 87 to 92 low in mid eighties at the shore on him whether on Wednesday a good deal of sunshine at a high of 90 to 95, although Mid eighties at shore points. It'll stay hot here, but on Thursday I'm meteorologist, five arson and we right now are looking at 79 degrees in Asbury Park, 78 degrees Auto Bond. 76 degrees Alexandria fast track against and whether every 15 Minutes under Jersey one on 1.5, New Jersey, presents a town hall back to school back to the classroom this Thursday night at seven. Joint news anchor Eric Scott and Garden State educators, doctors and parents. As we prepare for the return to in school, learning your questions on air and online will be answered by our experts this Thursday night at seven New Jersey one at 1.5 Town Hall back to school back to the classroom. Watch it on our Facebook page or listen on your radio are free app or NJ 1015 dot cam one, they noted 2831 on 1.5 Steve Trevor lease. All right, the classic car show and Mama's Park kind of got rained out yesterday, but I want to know the coolest car you ever owned the classic cause. What are the cars today? That through 2030 40 years from now we know these are the classics. I can't think of any Kevin's in Woodbridge, New Jersey, one at 1.5. Hey, Kevin. Hey, kid. How's it going? Good. How are you? There you go. Then. Uh I'm a Mopar guy through and through, right, But I have to tell you you mentioned the two eighties, say I purchased, uh, 1978 to 80 Z. Now there's a big difference between the 28 easy and the Z AC 1978. That was the last year of the pure fuel injection. Uh, I bought. I bought one of those cars. It was I bought it at a police. Police impound auctions, right? There was a drug running car There was they still had hidden compartment? Oh, really? And I was hoping to find something..

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