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Dot org to learn about music's promise for a cure hello windows and doors of San Antonio weather center right conditions will be out about through the Saturday after news of sunshine and high of sixty nine the overnight low dip down to forty two under a clear sky little bit warmer tomorrow was sung chan hive seventy one and warmer Monday is the higher protege de I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. O. A. R. this report is brought to you by sos children's villages war poverty and disaster have left millions of children around the world orphaned abandoned alone when their parents can't be there sos children's villages is there and one hundred thirty four countries including the US to make a difference in a child's life go to S. O. S. U. S. A. dot org I where in the world around you is important so we're feeding your need twenty four seven at the top and bottom of newsradio twelve hundred W. away I show news radio twelve hundred W. good morning I'm bill road morning I'm David Rodriguez number were often nine now so we only have about twenty minutes left so if you want to get your garden questions answered get on the phone right now to one oh seven three seven twelve hundred one eight hundred three eight three nine six two four to say good morning to Wally higher while you were coming to Fauria morning morning I know I'm probably late but I'm wondering when we do we do a lawn treatment you know for winterization start thanks for fertilizing yeah yeah yeah well today yeah this weekend if you haven't done so let's let's get it done okay and what do you recommend I use well there's a the traditional winter riser which is a three one two analysis such as an eighteen six twelve is one of the good ones out there yeah okay and I can get better planning or yes Sir any good that are sure here and role do you know what I yeah yes as for winter riser right all right thanks you guys thank you I appreciate the call Mister Ruth up in San Marcus good morning Ruth what's going on okay I want to talk about Muslim injury in a one year old and I even been baby net and so I've got about sixteen women's on it also I have about two feet of new branch grow should I trim the branches back now excuse me leave it alone we grow citrus as a big bushes and we only do printing on citrus predominately if it only has winter kill and we only trim out winter kill when new growth starts pushing out when it warms up where is coming straight up every girl straight up you need to really look at that real close particularly at the ground level and a fast straight upright aggressive growth a different leaf size typically at the three leaflets or a big leaf and forms that is the aggressive root stock that could be taken the tree so if that's the case for sure for sure does need to be printed out completely and then you really need to see the make sure that the graph zone is not impeded its not planted too deep in these containers okay growing straight up about two feet I have a rather go straight up in his arms and there not okay so that if it's not come in below the graph line then is the tree itself.

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