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And you can spend seven bucks so you can either get it for free on my website or go to walmart and amazon and give them some money seven bucks. Okay well i. I love this because again the the the whole mission statement of the korean musician is to empower musicians with strategies for sustainable career. And if you ask me what portion. What percentage of my income was generated from sync licensing. I would say used to be about a third now. It's vying for about a half way percent of fifty percent. I want to get it to the point where i haven't had about eighty to ninety percent so all the music that i do is just for fun in other words if i play guitar on attract for somebody. It's because i just wanted to have fun. I really liked that track. You know why like that person are like that artist. But i want this. I want the majority of my income to be passive income and folks. That's what this is is passive income. So when you hear people talk about horizontal money making money while i'm sleeping okay. Well that's passive income and that's right and again. I keep tooting michael's horn because it's true. He has mastered that area of the industry. I'm doing pretty well in that area. I'm nowhere near him. Achieved your level of success. I wanna take what you said to another level though. Because i love that you're talking about passive income and i want to be clear i i actually i call it massive an passive. Here's the reason. Why because in the licensing world there are actually two forms of income and and you have the the initial income the immediate income from the initial licensing fees the sink fee itself. Yes yeah and then you also have the passive income from the back end. Royalties that that you get paid through your performing rights organization with tv show or the commercial heirs and and and and here's the thing when it comes to listening you know there's like anything there's different levels you can have. You can have a gig with a with an artist who's playing some smoky bar and it's a gig but it's not an a level right and then you can have the.

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