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New York City, Japan, Cody discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast


Wrestlemainia has a lot to do with that show selling out. I think it's it'd be tough. Concrete argument to make the other way because you have just the entire world watching that weakened the biggest product on the on the planet. So I think it'd be silly to just dismissed that notion outright at the same time though. I think people seeing the all in show sell out and seeing the fact that Cody and young bucks we're at the the head of that. That had to cross people's minds to to be like, all right. Maybe I didn't get all in tickets, but I'm gonna go, I'm gonna see those guys or maybe I won't wink wink at at the MSG show. So I think it's kind of both. I think it's a perfect storm of the WB and town and Cody the bucks, and that alternative style of wrestling kind of converging into one spot. I looked at it more stars aligning perfectly than our wage and new Japan drying that audience as just strict brands themselves. I mean, when you think about it, New York City has a metro population over twenty million people. Chicago has a metro population over nine and a half million people and the indexing you know, when you look at Google trends or something, bullet club, new Japan, Kenya make bucks. They all do pretty decently in the New York area. So I do think what part of this is just the fact that there's a captive New York market, you know, WWF WWW f- has run, you know, Madison Square Garden for fifty plus years. And so there's a lot of people that are just used to going to see wrestling in this sort of area, and they're able to capitalize on that. And that's why you hear a lot about Dave talking, Dave Meltzer talking about the idea that the percentage of people that bought tickets that were in the tri-state area were very high for this show. At the same time. I agree very much that wrestlemainia is a big component of this just in the sense that people like to have options and they like to do things, and they like to be in the state of mine of wrestling and what people I. Are over the forgetting is that by doing it at wrestlemania weekend is you're not competing with football and you're not competing with with other sports that might be happening if you're to try to do this at a different point in the year. So the other element of it is that people are in a wrestling state of mind during wrestlemainia weekend, and because also wrestlemainia weekend has become its own little niche, so that's not competing with all these other things. It's a big question Mark about what that shows gonna look like and what lessons they might learn. I think it's going to be a little bit like the parenting that you see where you know, annex t crowds, parrot the way that they might of thought a arrow h. crowd or attain a crowd that was cool way back in the day might have acted. And so I almost see that that this show is probably going to feel a little bit like people trying to recapture the energy of what all in was like mixed with people that really are those big annex t fence. I think that's going to be the very interesting dynamic there is, are we going to see the really old fans coming back to see wrestling for the first time in years and years, or you're going to be seeing the the real young fans that are interested in in kind of these new up start things, or is it just your generic debris fan who also follows all these hardcore promotions, including new Japan and our wage. I think through those going to be an element and there probably wasn't element in terms of these tickets and MSG show is you're going to have that group of disgruntled WBZ fans in that. Market that would like nothing more than the turn turn their back to something else, right in WWE's face. I mean, that's the ultimate rebel movement. I think our wage was smart to kind of capitalize on on that psychology when they did coming off of all in. So I think that's in play too. L. it's we'd sixteen premier week, not a girl and not yet a woman with worth Wolfsburg, Ellen exclusive Fleetwood MAC music to eight years. All the u. l. Ellen today at three on NBC four mule plannings a great way to stay healthy, but who has time for that a local non sharing her secret to that age old question, what's for dinner, how she's cooking tasty, healthy meals while saving time and money, meal planning just got easy..

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