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5 31 on Paul Rogers in the KGO newsroom. This report sponsored by Bowers. Intelligent Transportation. Bauer's intelligence transportation can help you return to work safely. They transport over six million passengers a year with 31 years of experience and use electro static sprayers, like the airlines and hospitals do Your solution for a new, safe, clean and luxury ride to and from work call 1844 work bus Today, San Francisco teachers and other school employees will be able to get Cove in 19 vaccinations as soon as 17 days from now. That's when the city will move into Phase one b of its vaccination plan. Mayor London Breed notes The Public Health Department has indicated that it's safe for kids to return to school, and she helps negotiators can make that happen. It's not about being divisive and choosing aside this is about The leaders of this city. Choosing to work together. Put aside our differences. And do what is in the best interest of these Children. According to Breed. 15,000 students at San Francisco's private schools have already returned to class The man accused of attacking a turtle in the South Bay has been formally charged officer saying a man broke into a San Jose preschool and attack the student's pet tortoise. 40 year old Jorge Robles faces charges of felony animal abuse, commercial burglary and vandalism. He allegedly broke into play and learn preschool, stab Michael Angelo the tortoise and stole $1800 worth of Electron IX. The tortoise was treated by a vet and is expected to survive. Robles is being held without bail. Brett Burkhardt kgo way 10, Hundreds of California inmates on death row or serving life without the possibility of parole could be eligible for re sentencing. Under a bill introduced in Sacramento, Kristina Mendoza, with a group families united to end life without parole, contends district attorneys have too much power over sentencing. Judges have no discretion over the charges currently under the felony murder law is people are going to be sentenced. To death by incarceration or lethal injection. District attorneys should have to prove the people they're sentencing are unredeemable and a risk for public safety. The bill's sponsor, Senator Dave Cortesi, believes the felony murder law has contributed to mass.

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