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A week. Oh, yeah two weeks. It was very quick the turnaround it was I remember like I covered when I was good old days of high school sports. It was a you know, soccer player but like in regular happy, they found me and he like had surgery and like took like an hour, you know, it's just like they put something like a little tiny thing through and like cauterize like one like, you know centimeter. You're all good to go. It's crazy. I think she said his surgery was five hours. Should I catch that was I think maybe using a saucer or five hours which like sounds a good day at the hospital cuz usually waiting like nine hours so but I might get some preferential treatment. I think maybe the hockey player in Toronto. Yeah might do it. But so the big news of the the exit days was you have Torey Krug basically complete depression. No chance he's coming back and feels like and you have to say no Chara on the other end of it. Who's like, what are you talking about? I gotta ask that question like 5 minutes after the game table. I didn't have my mind made up then but I do want to come back. I want to keep playing so we'll hit each in their own segment. I feel like the Torah cruises bigger. So we'll start with that Krug all year as the year has gone off the chances of crude coming back are lower and lower and lower and now it feels like it's pretty much done. Some crew wants to get paid completely once you've paid and rightfully sewn. No rules don't really have the cap space for it. There wasn't a lot of contact throughout the year. According to Krug. We'll talk to Sweeney this week. It should I think the exit interviews for management is this week, I think I'd be sweetie and nearly I don't know about it. Maybe the Jacobs too, but I don't think so much for that whole debacle. I don't think that'll be happening, but we'll see but but what did what did you make of Victoria Cruz stuff? Yeah. I mean, think when you know, you listen to them on on Thursday, it seemed like kind of you know so long You know hoping maybe something has worked out but you read kind of the writing on the wall just in terms of the fact it was no contact or kind of you know, his stance of you know, someone mentioned, you know, the willingness and maybe to take you know page deal or you know, another two or three year deal or something like that. It's let you it's been doing that like almost his entire career right like you signed his ELC then like because the Bruins in such cap hell and liquid 1415 e x a one year deal for like one point seven million or something like that like below market and then another one year deal and then he finally gets his like payday and it's what a full year contract like 5.8.

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