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Yeah so thank you everybody who goes to maximum fun dot org slash donate let's do this let's do a beloved segment yeah 'cause the audience has come to expect okay and then if maybe all this sandy's gentlemen it's time for jordan sings i want to hear this stop doing it for good reason there you go that's but i couldn't i couldn't that say i will do to day there's that's iran's me of a parody song came up with that my son did not find it maybe because he doesn't know the the main version of it he did not want to get out of the car after running some errands and we were like okay we i guess just sleep in the car and you live there and he was like yeah and i started singing just a verse of a parody of starman called carmen but he did not care for it the other day my son who's about the same age as yours before about four said to me he just goes dad no one likes it when you make jokes stop making jokes wow if you wanna prove jesse's child wrong maximum fun dot org slash donate why don't we'll let's if this was to sappy forum when we come back a little later in the show we'll just tell you about some shit you can get just some fucking ratchet you can do yeah let's fine if that's more your thing baby we got stuff you don't wanna make the emotional investment than it's just like wham bang do this okay leave the money on the table and envelopes your donation.

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