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Orlando's morning news are eight, o'clock expanded newsfeed Here on news ninety six point five WDBO I. Talked about this yesterday when I was hosting. The Brian Kilmeade show and I know. There's been a lot of people talking about this as well and. I wanted to bring into the discussion ABC's Jason Nathanson from Hollywood this morning the deal with James Gunn getting fired from. Disney for the he's right in the middle of the third episode of the guardians of the galaxy franchise never anybody who doesn't know this story Jason why don't you bring us up to. Speed as to why he was fired Jim's gun was fired because of tweets from. Seven to ten years ago which were on earth by some people who is one of the conspiracies is that it's people. Who. Were unhappy with. His, political leanings he's. Been very politically left on Twitter and so he's. One of the theories is that he was. Attacked by more right leaning people who wanted to get. Him fired or get him in trouble so, they dug Up these tweets from years ago and put them forward I mean you know they're they're they're on Twitter. It's not like you have to really look hard to find them but, these were very off color someone say disgusting tweets James Gunn called them you. Know jokes that he was provocateur at the time and just try to be on. The edge of comedy but whatever they were they were enough for Disney to say look we don't want to have a relationship with you anymore despite. The fact that the guardians of the, galaxy, movies of which he was the principal guy in charge of those I'd made. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars yeah he he basically is the, guardian of the guardians of the galaxy man he was the guy yeah he was the guy behind I mean he is the franchise. He's the director he's the writer this, the whole thing sprang from his head he was the visionary behind it and the guy who shepherded this disfranchised from really nothing guardians of the galaxy was. A comic book That, nobody, was, really looking to. To to make any kind of splash they think marble had to. Track record at that point of. Doing very, well with, most of the comic, books but it was characters that we knew it was iron man it was store it was people like galaxies. An obscure kind of, comic that they kind of brought to, life, nobody expected a whole lot summit and it's become one. Of the most successful marvel movies of all time now the the tweets as you alluded the tweets are is vulgar. And as repulsive as one could possibly imagine that. It, deals, with pedophilia and and to win things with children and they're just. They're absolutely horrible and. It, plays into this narrative of. Celebrities behaving, badly you know in. Recent times we've. Had Roseanne we, had, Papa John I mean people saying and. Doing off color things I think, of Michael Vick who actually did criminal things he didn't just say bad things he did criminal things And. Still makes a comeback I mean at at at what point do celebrities get welcome to back into the fold, on something like this or does that forever tarnish them well. This one is. A is a little different and I it's where we're kind of as a society wrestling with. That question is you know what's appropriate what's inappropriate and how long does somebody stand the penalty box for. Certain actions we saw, during the the, head of the, metoo during of course Harvey. Weinstein and Louis c. k. and Kevin Spacey and all these guys lose their jobs lose their. Careers for varying, different degrees of. Sexual harassment and sexual assault and most agreed at the. Time most, of those people deserve what they were getting now when. We're getting, into the area Roseanne I mean the. The backlash against her was pretty immediate and pretty universal. Until there are a lot of..

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