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Here are some highlights of it. I started out trying to find my way. I know. She was really good at all smart to go for the bodies. And can I have a chat? So that was okay. That looked like marshmallows hitting other marshmallows. For those of us that don't follow pop culture is blac Chyna either black or Chinese or is that just his she's the one, she got famous but I think she was banging Kanye and then she ended up marrying Rob Kardashian and then they had a baby. And now rob has like full custody or mostly custody and she clearly has to trigger the last time I saw him. And then she sued the Kardashians like a $100 million for a sabotaging their reality show. I guess, and then she lost. And then now she's here doing bare knuckle. Would you take them to international court? Maybe that's how she got the name blac Chyna. So yeah, blac Chyna. And then benzino, remember benzino, we talked about him. Sure. He also did some celebrity boxing. This has got to be fake. I think he paid this guy to go down. You're not going to convince Greg that any celebrity boxing was fake. All right, so that's benzino. Yeah. Well, he tackled him and then the guy laid down. And now he's convulsive. He's knocked out like a fucking like in the three Stooges with his leg. Man, I can't. Oh my God. So guess what? I'm guessing the guy that knocked out is not famous for being an actor. I'm like, you must be something other than an actor. That was cool. Dude, the look I chose face sometimes. Is the funniest? The funniest. All right, so this week, Jeremy Stevens is fighting in the PFL. He should win this fight. I feel like they're trying to get him into like the playoffs because they gave him a guy who's miles price who's ten and 8. Who's just coming off a loss to Anthony Pettis, obviously no, but he's got some Ireland and he beat Peter queli he lost a strong Carter. So yeah, Jeremy Stevens is a 28 and 20 now. That's his record. Dude, you know what sucks is sometimes that blows up right in their face when they try to get a guy into the playoffs or doing something like that to kind of try to give them an easy win the other guys come out swinging haymakers and I'm knocking them out and ruining the whole plan man. It's a bitch when that happens..

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