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<Music> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> Thanks again <Speech_Male> for tuning into haunted <Speech_Male> places. We'll <Speech_Male> be back on Thursday <Speech_Male> with a new episode <Speech_Male> and don't forget <Speech_Male> to come back on Tuesday <Speech_Male> for our <Speech_Male> urban legends series <Speech_Male> available. <Speech_Male> Only on <Speech_Male> spotify <Speech_Male> for more information <Speech_Male> on Jane Addams <Speech_Male> House amongst <Speech_Male> many sources. We <Speech_Music_Male> used we found <Speech_Music_Male> the Jane addams papers <Speech_Male> project extremely <Speech_Music_Male> helpful to <Speech_Music_Male> our research. <Speech_Male> You can find more <Speech_Male> episodes of haunted <Speech_Male> places and <Speech_Male> all other podcast <Speech_Music_Male> originals for free <Speech_Music_Male> on spotify. <Speech_Male> Not <Speech_Male> only does spotify <Speech_Male> already. Have all your <Speech_Male> favorite music. <Speech_Male> But now spotify <Speech_Male> making it easy <Speech_Male> for you to enjoy <Speech_Male> all of your favorite <Speech_Male> podcasts originals <Speech_Music_Male> like haunted <Speech_Music_Male> places for free <Speech_Male> from your <Speech_Music_Male> phone desktop <Speech_Music_Male> or smart speaker <Speech_Music_Male> to stream <Speech_Male> haunted places on spotify <Speech_Music_Male> just open <Speech_Music_Male> the APP tap browse <Speech_Music_Male> and type <Speech_Music_Male> haunted places <Speech_Music_Male> in the search bar. <Speech_Music_Male> Several <Speech_Male> view of asked how <Speech_Male> to help us. <Speech_Male> If you enjoy the show <Speech_Male> the best way to help <Speech_Male> is to leave a five star <Speech_Music_Male> review and <Speech_Male> don't forget to follow <Speech_Male> us on facebook and <Speech_Male> Instagram at <Speech_Music_Male> podcast <Speech_Music_Male> and twitter <Speech_Music_Male> at podcast network. <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Music> I'll see next time. <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> Haunted <Speech_Male> places was created <Speech_Male> by Max Cutler. <Speech_Male> At as a podcast <Speech_Male> studios original <Speech_Male> executive <Speech_Male> producers <Speech_Male> include Max <Speech_Male> and Ron Cutler <Speech_Music_Male> sound design by <Speech_Male> Kenny. Hobbs <Speech_Male> with Production Assistance <Speech_Male> Byron Shapiro <Speech_Male> Carly Madden <Speech_Music_Male> and Aaron Larson. <Speech_Male> This episode <Speech_Male> haunted places <Speech_Male> was written by <Speech_Male> deridder and Jennifer <Speech_Male> Rachet <Speech_Male> with writing assistance <Speech_Male> by Greg Castro. <Speech_Music_Male> I'm <Music>

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