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Zap, You're breaking news and traffic Now it's 12 30. I'm Jeff money. Here's Our top story. A young Phoenix police officer was killed in the violent late night crash but also left a suspected speeding red light runner, Daddy Greenway Park. Ray and Cape Creek Road in North Phoenix officer general knew had been with the department since July. 2019 police chief Jerry Williams was at the scene early this morning. Keep the new family his wife, Kristen. His mother, Misty, his brother Marcus and grandmother, Susan and your thoughts and prayers but also please keep the Finnish police Department as well as black Mountain Precinct in your prayers. Police have not released the name of the red light runner yet. Coronavirus in Arizona the holiday weekend, causing a delay in Corona virus Lab reporting, making for a much lower daily case count just for new coronavirus cases reported today and no new deaths, either. But again the Arizona Department of Health Services, saying this is because of the Holiday yesterday, and not all cases were added to the States Data dashboard today. This means we may see a higher than normal case report tomorrow. This comes this 46.5% of Arizonans have received at least one dose of the covert 19 vaccine. Taylor Kepner up key to our news. The election audit is picking up speed ordered officials confirming that about half of the 2.1 million ballots have now been counted. Both Ken Bennett and Randy Pullen with the audit, confirming that despite the holiday, they counted the most number of ballots in a single day on Monday. Check the traffic from the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center now with Larry Lewis. Well, Jeff, we still have the crash. I 10 eastbound on the 75th Avenue on ramp lock in the left lane. DPS is there with them. Stay right to get by. And you've got the traffic lights now working in Scottsdale Shea Boulevard in 90th Street. I understand Scottsdale PD. Is there directing traffic so avoided you with cactus or 92nd street instead. Report sponsored by Summit. Male Medical Traffic's not getting any better. Neither were your a rectal dysfunction or low testosterone symptoms without the help of Summit. Male medical go to summit. Male medical dot com Larry Lewis Key to our news, mostly sunny today with a high of 104 Tonight Clear the low 76 tomorrow mostly sunny with a.

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