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Being treated and released from hospitals around Jacksonville Florida the victims of David, catches rage came here, from all, over the United States to compete in a video game tournament that they were hoping, would make them richer now there's confirmation of the two people catch murdered before taking his own. Life alleged Clayton who screen name was true boy and Taylor Robertson known to his fellow gamers Has spot me please both died as they played Madden NFL nineteen that's ABC's Jim Ryan Senate leaders on our Senator John McCain majority leader Mitch McConnell says. The Senate will not be the same without the Zona Republican when John saw an issue the same way you did your new you're just found your most stalwart ally You would thank, your lucky stars Senate minority leader. Chuck Schumer echoed McConnell's words saying we feel a great and inexpressible loss I know I. Do but I also feel lucky that I was able to call this great man a friend. McCain died over the weekend just one day after publicly announcing he would stop receiving treatment for brain cancer Kentucky attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Andy Bashir is criticizing governor. Bevan's briefing to, the supreme court over the pension reform law despite the fact that this case is serious that. It impacts over two hundred thousand public servants the governor decided to start his brief with a. Quote from is the plan which was struck down earlier this year is now being considered by. The state's high, court, the sheer says he'll submit his response, in a. Few weeks and you trade deal between the US and Mexico President Trump says. He's moving in that direction, after more than a half dozen rounds, of negotiations the Trump administration says it's Moving toward a trade deal with Mexico with the hope that. Canada joins. In President Trump says, will end the, North American Free trade agreement or, NAFTA which he's called one of the. Worst deals in history, you now today in the Oval Office a preliminary understanding with Mexico I like. To call this deal the United States Mexico trade agreement I think it's. Inelegant name I think NAFTA has a lot, of bad connotations than the United. States because it was a rip off Karen Travers ABC news the White House New York. City buildings regulators have fined the company controlled by President Trump's son-in-law the department of buildings find. Kushner companies two hundred and ten thousand dollars for false filings department says it's determined to hold hold all landlords accountable quote no matter who they are and the media. And horse racing, community is mourning the death of John Asher John Asher knew everything about the Kentucky Derby derby. Winner's trophy is twenty two inches tall he was the co two guy or reporters covering thoroughbred. Racing for more than two Decades Ascher was the face of Churchill Downs working underneath track president Kevin, Flannery a, mount Rushmore and, racing John Asher is, that media Representative. He is the face he's. A he can have titles we give them all, the titles in the world he's John Asher before. Joining Churchill Asher worked at w. h. a..

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