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Carleen Johnson with where it's likely to be bad this summer. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg nineteen year old suspect in last month's shooting at a synagogue and powei California is now facing a slew of federal hate crime charges with one hundred nine counts, it could get John Ernest to life in prison or even the death penalty. Federal prosecutors say you're an carried out his attacks on the synagogue and a nearby mosque because of his white supremacist beliefs US attorney Robert breweries crimes were explicitly motivated by hatred toward the Jewish and Muslim communities. Prosecutors say when Ernest called the surrender. He told a nine one one call taker he did it because Jewish people are destroying the white race. Alex stone ABC news in Washington. The full house of representatives will now vote on whether to hold the US attorney general in contempt of congress for refusing to hand over the unredacted Muller report. But that vote might not happen right away. The house speaker says they aren't in any rush to bring the contempt vote on Bill bar to the floor and the reason because he may not be the only one. One one ready. We'll come to the floor, and we'll just see because it may be some other contempt of congress. Issues that we want to deal with at the same time. Speaker's office confirming to ABC they are considering holding a package of contempt votes, and some Democrats tell us this could potentially include Don Mcgann and Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, Serena Marshall ABC news the capitol. President Trump today called on congress to pass laws protecting insured Americans from surprise medical bills. It's going to be announcing something I think over the next two weeks that's going to bring transparency to all of it. And I think in a way it's going to be as important as a healthcare Bill that president says by partisan support for the legislation this evening, U S, China trade talks resume in Washington. The US is poised to hike tariffs again on billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods at the close on Wall Street. The Dow's down one hundred thirty nine you're listening.

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