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Three pick. Are you guys get onto him for going. In order to say we're GONNA start buttons and ball. I'll let matt feel a little less strange for picking that for one of his picks because my number three is actually an album. Tom And I wouldn't have even even thought about doing that unless earlier. When we were talking in our group message you were like Hey? Can we pick an album RA music. And you're like yeah. I guess it is any media DSL. I'll be pretty straightforward. But I I'm very reliable with Matt also I don't stay up till midnight for the release radar on spotify but I really like into with my spotify. I have a playlist that I've made on there that it's like super fine tuned like I'm really into it. I collect a lot of music. I kind of the same level which is Listening to a lot of in collecting in just kind of staying up to date with itself. I didn't know that about you meant it's funny. I'm just glaring into your eyes longingly. Bola well how that's how it happens. I don't think you guys all heard of this group or it's actually just a person is a artist goes by the name TYCO and India does. He does okay so he does mostly just like electronic music and I. It's really hard to explain to somebody. What it it sound like? It's not what you would hear. Maybe if you were like a yoga place like it's it's above that level but it's definitely not like the level of music dude probably want playing in like a high high paced game like I don't know how to explain the level of trying to get is but it's supposed to be kind of just very soothing but it's also just very great. I listened to it a lot in college. College is just good studying music as the background and but nothing ever really ever even bring up in something like this format however he came out with an album this year. That was really different. It has like six or seven tracks that are on there and it's called whether like you know storming and tornadoes like the weather like cold weather and anything that was different about. WHO's the female singer they came and sung on like a majority of the track? Some of them still his normal style but most of the tracks that has this woman Saint Center that I'd never even heard of that sings in a lot of the backgrounds of some of them and I didn't even know that he was gonNA come out with a release but he he comes out with really great consists insist high quality releases. He I think he does his own artwork and everything himself so he's really that level into his music is one of those people that just fine tunes it down to like the sound bite. You can tell that. He's really meticulous about it. This year was just as crowning. I think year for anything that I had listened to his. There's a song that's on. There called Japan where after they end up going through the first verse in than they are making their way into the second. I and there's kind of that break. After the core is the way that he melds her singing in the background with the instrumental said he's used to doing without any vocals is like bad ass. It almost makes my hair stand up on my necklace into it. It's it's just so detailed and it's in all the great right places and I've been listening to him since college college so long the night just to hear him progress so well was just really cool to be like. Oh my God I i. I've even seen this guy live. We've we've you. You know it was really great and it was just to hear progress that well and that album I think I probably shuffled. It's on my spotify topless Matt by the way of the of the year the place. So that tells you anything so that's it. It's I'm surprised you guys. I think I've shared on my story before. Maybe that's how you guys may be seen it for me but Now it's it's It's really weird that you would kind of weird Danny's Amy's men for you know Chris Kennedy you know he we jammed together and stuff and he was drumming and he yeah he pretty much wrote are theme song for the show and I mean he would just sit by himself with his Little Program called Oxy and writes off and he is huge Tyco fan him and the guys guys are jam is huge. tyco vans to the point where when Chris got married this past summer when we walked the all the groomsmen were walking in Iowa. We walked down to WHO I. It's a TYCO song. I can't remember which Tyco Song it is. But he is TYCO is a very like ambient chill wave down tempo kind of foolish shore for it's fucking great. I do love Tyco. He's very very cool. There's not a whole lot more upbeat like you're counting getting to be an club almost sort of saying we've into a Taiko concert and it's nothing that you would get crazy listening to anything and you just kind of like hang out and be like. Wow this is great. Let's go by. We'd definitely something you eat mushrooms to. Oh that's a great. Not that I've never done that. But that's that's probably a very great thing to like relate what that might be like right now for sure who is calling stern. Yeah Yeah Yeah number three so yeah. I was Supremely let down last year by a certain musical bio-pic they came out. And it's it was you know morty writing down you pick by the way I already know what it is and I. I Love Queen However Bohemian rhapsody Ramsey wishes to You know a did a quiet disaster. I decided I you know there are parts of it. That really loved most of it. I didn't really like. But Hey a you know they they lease brought to the forefront but what they should have done is taken a page out of rocket man which was awesome. I love I thought it did did a phenomenal job. It's for one thing it is. There's no bullshit. It's not the Disney version of their life. It is an R. rated film about a guy who will you you know struggled and he is a further brilliantly. Would right and I will thank you not. Yeah exactly brilliant. I of course I'm perfect. said the right thing. Thank you know it is. It is a movie about a brilliant guy who struggled with a lot of problems of committing suicide of being a closeted homosexual actual if having parents that disapproved of him of a lot of the things that haunted Freddie Mercury and I think that Bohemian rhapsody is a perfect version of when you let people who are alive. Try to control. What they're they're Brion? Roger Taylor from Queen or trying to rewrite history for the film. They're trying to make it. Seem like you know that they were just perfect. Angels Blah Blah Blah and rocket. Man is like no I was fucking chugging pills and You Yeah and drinking vodka and just doing fucked up shit and doing. There's a great scene in rocket man where Elton John has just split with John on read which was Queen and Elton John's manager for a long time And they kind of had like a sexual relationship and he just takes a bunch of pills down to half. I'm half fuck and handle vodka. And he's like Hey I'm going to kill myself and just jumps in the pool and just goes down to the bottom of it. True story had to get out in the stomach and you know save him and Shit And it was a great story about Elton John. Coming to terms with you know his who he was versus Reginald Dwight or any KIMBER. I think Treasury will dwight. Hey this is real name and he was like fuck that dude. I'm Elton John You know. And and it came to a thing of like having to crossroads with who he was and who he was going to be the people who knew he was going to accept who he was going to be that he was fucking done with them There it's it's a great. It's a great composition position of a bio pic and musical. I'm not a huge musical fan however like if you do it the right way I I you know I'm down. I like rent. I like musicals you know. I'm not a huge huge huge huge fan but I do enjoy them But there are just some hysterical tonette movie of him like them doing a musical number and they're just taking clothes off them putting putting clothes on and he snorts a big fucking fat line before he goes on stage. Amion I mean Elton. John Played The like five hundred thousand people in Russia's Red Square in the late eighties. The early nineties. I mean very few artists ever get to the size of adult John. I don't even think Queen ever got to where John is I ever. I really dont and I think queens a huge huge ban but Elton John is like I mean. He's he's defiant. He's like the fucking Beatles. I mean he's up there And as far as somebody who's continually put out good music and has has kept her head on straight for the most part and not let it ultimately get the best of them You got a guy who's French people like billy Joel and Freddie Mercury but also was best friends like Princess Diana and shed. They did say there was a cameo. They were trying to get Rami Malik to come in and he was going to be sitting across from a restaurant dressed Freddie mercury and wave. uh-huh cool man fucking sucks. Because it's Dexter Fletcher. who had to finish human wraps Bryan Singer and I think that you know Elton John He he led a lot of stuff? He's like. Yeah that's how it was not going to sit there and sugar coat shit. And that's one thing I love about John. He's always had feuds with Madonna. He had to give Madonna the best live act a couple of years ago and he goes. Oh yeah that's fucking great give best live act to a bit. You charges seventy five quid fucking lip synch. And it's like God he's brutal he's he's just as yes he's very savage and he's just as brutal on himself as he has people. I think it's a great composition of musical and a bio pic. It's dark it's sad. It's beautiful it's funny But it also. Here's the thing as Elton John was not. He did not write all songs. There is buried top and I think that's that's how you pronounce. His name. Might be saying that wrong but his writing partner is a huge part of that movie and most people had no idea that out and John was was he was fifty percent of that equation. And they you know he gives full credit to that guy. and that's fantastic. He's a huge part of that movie. That Bernie Colin is that WHO is. Yeah Bernie top live recording of him and there's a song that he starts before he says that he says this is one of my favorite songs at Bernie and I've written and it's fantastic. He he gives all that guy that credit in the world and I just love that he could have you know I. It's it's just great and there's a great part where they kind of split ways and you can see Elton like having trouble without Bernie being being there And I touch on a lot of really really great stuff. I think it's probably one of the Best bio-pics I've ever seen especially about a musician. And if we're GONNA fuck a nominee Bohemian Gorazde for best film than I mean. Rock Edmonds the best thing to come out in ten years if if Bohemian rhapsody is best film rocket man is like God. You know. That's all I'm saying is like I really don't think rocket man is that good but I really don't think Bohemian rhapsody. Is that good absolutely. I think you hit the nail on the ahead there before we get to pick. I just want to say it's funny that Colin you know measured success by Queen like like the Beatles was like four Queens Leans. That's how you take like to Queens and speak Linda Rod Stewart and a little bit of Billy Joel. And you've got an Al Donya..

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