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Eric Reid, the TV play by play voice for the Heat here with us for a few more minutes. I'm talking about Spoelstra. We know LeBron tried to go to Pat Riley to get Pat Riley to coach when when Spoelstra was there as the head coach, and Rollie said, No spell is the guy. How is their relationship and I know you don't need any extra motivation for the N B a finals. But is there Some extra motivation for Spoelstra. Without that did all go down with LeBron, even though they ended up winning two championships together. I don't think I don't think so, Zach. You know, I thought, you know, Expo keeps it positive and keeps it professional. I think in Miami there was no None of that vitriol like when he left Cleveland. I think there was. You know, there was disappointment when LeBron left to go back to Cleveland, But I think there was more feeling of gratitude. We felt like you know what could have been a dynasty got unplugged prematurely in Miami. But we were also very cognizant and thankful for the four years at that team played together. We were well. They were the heat ALS. Everybody in the world was watching those for heat teams. I was thankful for that. That experience and always indebted to LeBron for the time he spent down here, But I would like it if you need extra motivation when you're in the final round. There's something wrong there. You've got all the motivation. You need just trying to do something that is extraordinarily difficult, winning a championship at any level in any sport. And Miami's right there is that that set of seven to try to win a title, so you know would beating LeBron make it sweeter? Absolutely, but not because he was with us and left because he's the best player in the world. And this guy's a proven champion winner, and he's harder derail when he gets this close, But that's the mission and Miami's glad that that they're the team that's on that mission right now. Do you feel the same way with the Pat Riley LeBron relationship? I know LeBron has talked about how when he left, someone told him and many people assume it's Rollie. No rally denied it that this would be the biggest mistake of his career and supposedly They haven't talked since LeBron has left Miami. Do you feel the same way as we talked about the LeBron Spoelstra storyline as it goes, and pertains to LeBron and Pat Riley? So you know if if LeBron was not on the Lakers, and they were still in the finals that Riley would want to beat them, just as I think it adds flavor and spice to it. But I don't think there's anything data, but that's the guy that's in your way. Now. There is history there. It's it's the main thing. But it's a sidebar. You know, it would be spicier. I'll be honest with you, if if this was a normal Siri's where, you know, three of these seven games, if it goes seven would be played Miami LeBron has not had his greatest moments playing in Miami as as a non member of the heat, but we don't have that. So what you have is a very motivated 35 year old super Duper star who still the best player in the game. Very hard to be him. He's got great helping Anthony Davis. Those are going to be big matchup problems from Miami. But guess what the heat are not an easy team. The guard either Milwaukee in Boston just found that out. The Celtics were one of the best defensive teams in the league. And in that game six victory Miami at 125 points as just 56% with only 12 turnovers. Red Stevens compared the the heat of today to the Warrior championship teams of recent times where they pass and cut and there six or seven different guys capable of leading the team in scoring on any given night. So I have a feeling it's going to be a better, more competitive Siri's and then most of the experts are anticipating Mom the farthest thing from an expert Eric Reid. I think the Lakers are going to win the Siri's You laid out to be, though on the other end, you just mentioned some of it. But how did the heat when four games have become champions once again? Well, you know, that remains to be seen. I'm not sure exactly what it will take. Obviously, it's going to take great basketball. I thought I am out of bio put away so there can't be a second. Of this. Siri's that that we let them play harder than we do. So Miami is just gonna have to play their team game, keep their turnovers down. Constantly change defenders on a D and LeBron in terms of the scheme, the player guarding the other guy and whether it's man or zone. I just think you're going to see the heat compete for 48 minutes. You know every single game of this Siri's whether that will be good enough or not. That's what we're going to find out. Is there an X factor that you think of? Maybe a storyline of surprise here that could entertain some in the finals from the Miami side of things. Well, you know, Zack, who knows he has the twists and turns of every Siri's. There always are there. You know, the big men are going to come back into play. Miami used Bam and really nobody else in terms of their bigs. Kelly Olynyk barely played in the Celtic. Siri's Meyers Leonard is barely played in the playoffs. When you're looking at Dwight Howard now and and you know javale, McGee. They they have size that along with Anthony Davis. So so maybe the heat's going tohave to go back to some of their bigger lineups. Maybe it'll stay small and make the Lakers chase. But it's 20. In some ways, this is a more daunting and more difficult challenge than the Boston Siri's. And in some ways, maybe not, You know, May maybe Duncan Robinson finds him easier match ups as those drug. It's the Celtics. A very tough minded, very defensive oriented team. You know, we'll see how the match ups go put up, But listen, I I You know, on paper? Yeah, the late the Lakers look like the stronger, better team. But we we've all watched sports long enough to know that paper doesn't win in a playoff series. It takes players committed and playing together and the brakes go in your way and stay in healthy and all And so many other intangibles. Last one for you, Eric read, E read. Miami Heat on Twitter is how you follow him. So when you look at the LeBron era in Miami and LeBron and Bosch and Wade there on stage, not one, not two, not three, but 5000 Championships. Whatever the number they threw out there..

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