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Absolutely and i don't think by the way that the social experience is the real reason in fact here here is a proposal i would suggest let's say college that let's say all university said we're gonna continue doing things as we have always done them we'll continue hosting classes we'll keep this campus people will enroll bob la the one thing we're going to change however is we don't give you a degree at the end of the experience how many people do you think are going to continue going the moment you take away that degree the moment you take away the thing that says this is what validate sure experience this is what signals to the adults in your life that you are responsible person that we weren't just fooling out yeah yeah you're willing to two and by the way i lot of employers looking for that they are looking for the the conformity side of things right like i want you to prove to me that you can conform to the reason i would dispute that i would challenge that i don't think employees employers look for conform i think it depends on who the employer is right and what the role is right if you're gonna take us further say i don't think there's a single employer who looks conformity okay so so you're saying brianna job they're not looking for someone who's going to conform to the rules and regulations what she's doing right now i think that certainly appears to be the case but i think there's something more fundamental that were calling conformity because our idea of this more fundamental thing is vague i think what employers want is a combination of social intelligence in val.

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