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See if we can pull this off at 1 15, the attorney general Hector Balderas to join us. We will talk about security. In light of all of the Threats of armed protest in New Mexico, especially here in the capital. All right last night at the City Council. There was the approval of the All right. I won't call the Cultural Committee. Not supposed to call that the C H A r T. If I spell it. They know what I'm talking about. Like you have to do with your dog. Want to go for a W A. L K My dog, my old dog if he could spell Beach He could see a highway Sinus that beach and he got nuts anyway. So this got approved last night unanimously. Whatever you wanna call it was called the Cultural Committee. Because any semblance of most people would think Of as a city committee has been scrubbed from the resolution. John Thomas, writing in today's New Mexico. Before last night's council meeting. City councilor from district number two Carl Rohmer Worth who largely spearheaded, the resolution said. Denoting the cultural panel as a committee. With him his number. I think the new resolution is not a commission or committee with the new substitute resolution does his institute a structure And a process. You have a community center conversations about our culture and our history. All right. Buying it. Substitute resolution stem from a pope proposal from the mayor. That sought to create a 21 member appointed panel. Make recommendations. Everybody had a problem with them. I mean, everybody had a problem with that. Like how Willie? Why 21 anyway? So they scrapped that, too, that in the dustbin and then came up with the basically Cutting pays to what Albert Ricky's doing. Make it a kind of a variation what Albuquerque is doing and have different ways for the community to participate. So that did pass last night unanimously in the City Council meeting. We'll see how that it finally formulated and finally rolled out. I mean, you know, the Approved here in the pudding is is all about the execution. Of the plan. Now the state of New Mexico has come up with $21 million Actually not these did in Mexico. The mining company will split with the state of New Mexico $21 Million.21 million dollars split between the state and the Navajo nation. And this goes all the way back to the gold. Keen minds filling Remember up in Colorado. They were trying to Basically removed the plug from the mine. And this Just absolutely toxic water full of all kinds of heavy metals. I've been sitting in the mind for a long, long time in the plug broke, and anyway, the whole thing became a mess. Was Sunnyside Gold Corporation, and it was their mess and the Toxie metal flow down in the rivers and polluted the drinking water for many communities and the Navajo Nation, about three million gallons of acid mine drainage, So Sunnyside Gold Corp. Will pay $10 million To the state. New Mexico million dollars to the office of the National Resource is trustee and $10 million to the Navajo Nation. In response to the lawsuits against Sunnyside Gold Corporation. So some semblance of some kind of accountability and justice In that case, 13 minutes after one o'clock. Don't take a break, Come back with Attorney General Hector Bald Eris. Can we rest assured the security in Santa Fe and across the state.

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