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The experience it's it's a confusion about what they should be to india and i think it's that wants telling them what to do with show simplicia finding official or measuring this and they and they know that the person on the cover is not yet been told that that's how they need to walk seen a people the sensible enough now and to the another always question and because you know what they have been told they're not actually getting the emotional attachment whereas when you actually deliver them the gene information than genetic information if i it doesn't have to be genetic information just anything base personalize in style joe if they get the emotional connection and vice versa line right like source quoted idled social so there's this all of fell familiarly too yeah dr and and that's really interesting because which generally in a world where mocked in a meet it drives the dot choices people take and one of the really common ones that the moments is other diets way and i should ubeda in low carb clearly exactly and you've got you've definitely got some really interesting jim results here saturday on the first one is the the while the epa to in the upper five turns so the fa to gene what studies of showed is that if you have certain variations of the opportunity and you can see him a thought that's too high in saturated fats you'll stole more body fat than if you haven't thought this low in saturated fats and for you you actually carried the variation which would imply that you shouldn't be consuming too much saturated fat and your ties so i also have large vessel to ask of disease my family and keiper cholesterol emu as loud that's always been kind of like fats i go easy on the sure saves they're definitely i thought lower saturated fat and low or just not hi i would say at least i would say lower than lower than thirty percent between probably nine and thirteen cents now the apple 5 g is a gene that seoul to do with what should your polyunsaturated find tightlipped like successive when you have ben carson variations of this gin and you have a diet high in polyunsaturated fats it pushes your triglycerides up which you know you might have an effect might not have enough i were this for complete.

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