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I will tell you i will call balls and strikes until you where i see things again people like me are just like me for that but but on the on the gay thing if it's anti gay i using that as you're saying if it's anti gay i totally and wholly disagree with it unequivocally and as far as i'm concerned you know i have gay family members i'm going gonna have no no no i i'm not even saying that i i was supporting the gay community before i realized add it gave family members you know i just think it's stupid okay life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is only for straight people that is stupid we need to change these example but some of these real on a quickly denounced that i have no problem charlottesville i was on public record on national television saying that was wrong i said at the steve colbert i'm saying it now on your podcast i said it to the president and i said it on me say what do you do well he tried to walk back and say that he was trying to say that they were bad people on both sides he mala prompt and said that there were there were good people on both sides but it really doesn't matter that would matter is is there can be no daylight on those things and so which he did was classic him he got to the podium he flew to washington from bernard ville got to the podium and denounced everything that he said on that saturday and then on the tuesday at trump tower he went back to what he was saying because he was getting frustrated with the press so again i mean guns i'm going to do something then not do something i it just.

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