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So one of the counter arguments. I've heard this was in one of the articles. i read. Forget the journal but one of the articles about the hypothesis. One of the things they would say is researchers argue. They need to do research on these kind of viruses and other pathogens. So we know how to combat them when we encounter them in out there in the real world and they were saying. The counter-argument is well. Maybe you're you're going to be the one releasing it into the world. Because you're you're toying around with the genetics of the. So i mean how does how do you answer something like that and the reason i ask is because cova has obviously motivated this discussion that we're having back in two thousand eighteen and nineteen. I don't really remember hearing that much about this issue. I know experts. Were talking about it and then there was some coverage but it was nothing like it is today so so what weighing on that. Yes this is one of the downsides of this particular article is they. Focus a lot on dr peter data who his a The president of e echo health alliance. Which is a Organization that studies the presence of zoonotic Potentially not viruses in their natural repository. So they look at bats. They look at pangolins they look at. What's growing around in caves. And this article really takes them apart and it says this is The funding that goes towards him. That's just going to release new viruses. The genome sequence that he compiles as part of the international cleberation. That's just being used by china to make more viruses. So what you're talking about is something that that is kicked around at even in this article Us rt is gone after de Which is really sad. They kind of left me. Leave me alone now. So blessings in disguise. Sorry peter But basically the idea is that there are experts that need to do this work in order to understand and potentially head off potential threats and there was a tweet in this article that he cuts out from twenty eighteen. That talks about Sequences that have similarity this sars covy virus one from the first Sars in early two thousands that were in bats in caves in china and That they have a protein that combine the receptor which sounds a lot like what we have with. Sars covy too so this twenty eighteen. And he was detecting these kinds of things that just feeds into the conspiratorial thinking for most people or as those of us that are maybe a little more sophisticated see that as just serving the landscape of what inevitably would come to the front..

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