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She knew the owner of the spectrum. She was in real estate. Happen to know at the time. Ed snider and so. She arranged to get backstage. Pass it o-. She put the backstage passing show and she comes the seats and gets us on the way to the backstage were stopped by security. Who told us that nobody was allowed backstage. It cancelled all access because somebody had thrown a bottle at paul on the way off the stage so i no one was allowed backstage so we sat there heartbroken and i must've sat there for half hour. Forty five minutes while my mom talked to somebody on all this commotion going back and forth and they come out and there's this full glossy promo shot to peter with all four of their name signed on it. Oh wow and that cut his set me on the course of being a music fan i would say the rest of my life you know. In so many ways i i owe it to s Yet you know yet christian knows we did iraq news show together and you know taking the gene simmons or something i still like to anyway as easy to piss out of. That's for sure. Oh yeah so. Yeah i went on to do a bunch of different things in music that work for bill ga- presents and do promotion and production and then was intact for a long time. So when the podcasting thing merged certain universes were christians love and passion and knowledge of music with this read. A lot i was doing and music management intact came together. It was just a great opportunity so anyway so so you know we. We started with just one show and so now. It's a three of Richard peter myself and You know it takes a bit to put those shows together as peter said. There's a lot of production there. it's A lot of research There's know. Between seven and ten thousand words scripts Depending on the length in the The storytelling that we decide to do So it takes a little bit and You know our fans started You know send an email san. Can't you guys hurry up. i'm jones and it was almost like an addiction and We kind of. I think we got an email one day from said guys do something else and we looked at each other said. Oh i think we can maybe do some other things so we created a couple of shows that You know as as peter said we kind of had a news show called rock talk Early on And We try to with couple of co hosts and It was It was very time consuming And.

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