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Thirties president. Franklin roosevelt series of radio broadcasts known as the fireside chef. His was to reassure the common man in our society would recover from an struggle barr from nineteen thirty and it was a different kind of buyer worldly prostration offer a fresh conversation and they are the higher side strap in for another wild ride. Ir side shatters from sunny san diego. I'm greg carl would and so much of our time in this world is sadly spent working jobs. We care very little about so. We can maintain a home to watch stale sitcoms in the evenings and we get stuck making safe stable and unfulfilling choices out of fear of falling through societies cracks. What's really at the heart of our mundane decision. Making and commitment to timewasting entertainment. Why do we settle for being a cog in someone else's machine so easily. Will i would venture to guess that many of us don't spend enough time thinking about life consciousness and meaning but instead of fallen into the mental traps the mainstream narrative that our existence is the result of a random process of evolution in a cold random. Chaotic universe. that's less about finding happiness and fulfillment and more about making sure. We get the most breaths before snuffed out of existence forever. We've been conditioned to waste our time here. Inspected to settle for less trained to think we have no control and tricked into the idea that we might as well just become the best car salesman in central ohio cling to our job stacking boxes amazon warehouse or go on pretending to be satisfied with our position at the call center. Because what else is there. I would say that curiosity is like the near death. Experience deeper levels of meditation psychedelics and even entity encounters are all baked in aspects of reality that although rare remind at least some of us that life is a gift that we gave ourselves to be enjoyed to seek adventure and to know that we can play it any way we decide without fear of anything and why not when death comes for a solid eventually. Well today's guest. Dr raymond moody might agree with at least some of that. Because he's made a life as the leading authority on near death experience and even coined the term. He's an md with a phd in philosophy as well as a world renowned scholar lecturer and author of bestsellers like life after life. The light beyond coming back and making sense of nonsense. The logical bridge between science and spirituality as well as his own autobiography paranormal. My life in pursuit of the afterlife. I feel very fortunate to talk to him today. And a time where. The themes of risk health quality of life and dying are very potent and deserve to be examined appropriately with the clues we have. So let's get into it. The nda teacher life engagement advocate and true. Madge i of the mysteries of life. Dr moodie my man..

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