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And sports barley corn get over here. take a little while. at the door. going to continue and I want to thank god Darlene to middle door. very nice cars thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment you given my husband Charlie who losses like about seven years ago listens to you every day enjoy your show so much Darling middle door thank you and thank you for listening I met hundreds Reds fans yesterday to celebrate the life and times of other hall of Famer none of us are indispensable most of us are important all of us are indispensable in the eyes of our family and our loved ones but do have feelings toward men or women you've never met just listen doing get snippets of their life and when I go into the holy grail of the great American so many people on a picture taken I don't take it for granted I try not to big time ever anyone like us some might do but I like the fact then joy greatly the fact that I can motivate and help one of the best things that happens when I do those kinds of events is that soldiers come up to me and say that they now so much love the I heart media app because what they do is download the podcast and they get a snippet of what's happening in Cincinnati when they're in Iraq Afghanistan and a soldier came up to me in Europe and that's what they do and they download the app and they get the podcast and they're able to stay in touch with all the political social athletic cultural events happening in Cincinnati feel connected and the good old days that one possible once you get outside the reach of the transmitter which which might might only be about five hundred to a thousand miles you kind of lose track because of technology today the I heart media app basically can listen to any radio station in America and the fact that I can be and fort Myers Florida I be in Naples and I can listen crystal clear the seven hundred WLW is a wonderful thing man the best thing is when soldiers download my show and then share with other tristate soldier serving in harm's way overseas and they come up to me there's not enough I can do for those men and women that do those kinds of things and Marty is the same way he's wonderful around most individuals that what ninety nine percent wish him well and and Mike. case because I can be a divisive character I get about ninety percent positive in ten percent negative and Marty's cases probably ninety nine point nine percent positive and point zero one percent negative because that that the speech I tend to make on opening day involves the fact that were separated many times by race by gender by religion by political beliefs by orientations of one type or another the Reds baseball should be uniting thing that brings us all together sports in general should say let's play politics at the front door we may feel strongly about certain issues but none the less when we come together as a people there's a occasion when sports should be unit uniting factor unifying of all of us under one banner the things that make us common are much more than things that separates and so Reds baseball has been that for at least for the last forty six years and having the chronicler of that kind of event having someone a clear voice who is who is charismatic and funny and informative one individual said to me should I get into radio I say absolutely not it's too difficult for for those who do I said listen to Marty Brennaman. because he's concise he paints a picture tells a story he's fun to listen to it's entertaining when you meet him out in public he's got a big smile on his face he's approachable he's easy. and I think in an opinion written by Brian tome my friends from my friend from crossroads that popped up in the Enquirer couple hours ago Candace says it all and Brian tome who with every other Monday normally we talk about better about the issues you con understands how life works on I can't imagine the wonderful life that he's led coming here from Pittsburgh about twenty three years ago with really no one part of this church wanting to form and preach the gospel and he had nothing and no buildings had no flock only had was the Bible the word of god twenty three years later Brian tome crossroads and mango and others they have something like eighty thousand I said eighty thousand prisoners and followers because this was a character that arose and it's changed measurably the lives of so many in positive ways you cannot be an alcoholic or a drug addict or a philanderer or a Mistura of good deeds and still be a faithful follower of cross roads or a faithful Catholic or faithful Jew or a Muslim whatever it is the six I have great respect for the six whatever religion it is we worship the same god column by different names yeah Brian tone come here and do what he has done is remarkable it's unbelievable. any pan this so. opinion about Marty Brennaman he begins by saying I've never met the man nor have I heard him do its job for more than one inning. listening to a slow paced baseball game on the radio is in my thing yet I'm simultaneously invigorated by his life and said by his departure men and women who put their head down and go about their jobs every day. day after day week after week month after month year after year decade after decade are a dying breed a major league play by play job sounds glamorous many would think a pastor of a mega church sounds glamorous as well I promise you your job also sounds glamorous to someone else working in some other industry no matter what our day jobs are we fight the fight a monotony everyday is on it related vignette involving Ken Griffey junior in this says a lot about both of their character he says in February of twenty of the year two thousand you and I remember Carl lender junior. who was the founder of so many great businesses. Reds fans are celebrating is the most promising talent in the entire league was coming back home to Cincinnati a son of a former Reds great was coming home to usher in a new era of the big red machine Ken Griffey junior flew in a car lenders private plane to save the day unfortunately ended up not being Prince Charming you might remember after the nineteen ninety nineteen came within one game of going to the playoffs because of al Leiter a name that will live in infamy it was thought then three or four months later in February of two thousand one Carl and pulled out a Logan airport with the Willie Mays in the twenty first century greatness would fall upon the Reds some gave speeches here about the coming the second coming of Joe Morgan to Cincinnati and that would be the big red machine for the next ten years match diamond remembers that twenty years ago. it was not okay this was the Joe Morgan trade and so now the twenty first century. for the next nine or ten years we're gonna have graffiti and Larkin and done and it's gonna be great. well guess what. it didn't work out that way in fact my camera in the center fielder we sent to Seattle for junior plus other compensation had better stats in Seattle was a center fielder the gravy had in Cincinnati and there was only I think one winning season they can refer you had in Cincinnati the entire next eight or nine years I said one winning season it was terrible. and and this vignette pointed out by Brian tome in the editorial today says the following just a few short months later Brennaman called out Griffey junior all in the air for not running hard enough to stretch a single into a double refer you did not appreciated and told Brennaman afterwards in the locker room Marty had built a career on running hard every day using his mind his mouth behind the Mike he understood a half baked effort when he saw he said quote the next time you don't run hard to first base I'm gonna pointed out again on quote this does sound like Marty absolutely that's Marty and not Brian Thomas Hann to say is great for you walked away refusing to engage further Marty told him quote. I was here before you got here and I'm gonna be here long after you're gone unquote. and by the way he's dropped the same thing on me and I was only half right but none the less as I continue. Brian tome says Marty was right on both counts he was there twenty six years before Griffey an hour eleven years after Grevy's departure Brennaman is still at work hitting the same nail with the diligence and excellence every day forty six years on the same job doing the same thing in serving the same community in remarkable ways taking this in my comments ordinary lives lead in extraordinary ways. Brian terms as my dad worked as long for what Westinghouse as a nuclear engineer could and our modern economy though longstanding jobs with honorable employers are rare even more rare people of character who will stand there posted do their job the game itself. was a little different in nineteen seventy four then it was in twenty nineteen ninety three sixty feet six inches it's the same game. and so doing the same job for seven thousand gains and I guess about sixty three thousand innings can be a bit monotonous one is the same game but what makes the difference is this every day has a story line different players different circumstances hustling or not when Marty said about a month ago the Reds are simply calling it in memory said that but this ball club. that's struck to the heart of the success and the greatness of Marty Brennaman because he could say that I don't think any other Reds broadcaster could get away with. and so when I hear this song Frank Sinatra my way he did it I did it my way that's Marty Brennaman and that's why he was respected and loved by Reds baseball fans your respect a good Reds baseball broadcaster what you love a person and when you made Marty off the air and walking or he is as much fun more fun off the air then on the year he can be truly himself so when Marty said yesterday I knew in the summer he related a call that he had on Tony Perez headed home run. and at that point he felt like Joe Nuxhall welcomed him Joe Nuxhall born here raised here lived here died here in Camden body Nuxhall continue his tradition of continuing to reach out from Joe Nuxhall as grave to help boys and girls with special needs. it's a wonderful thing and Marty Brennaman. I was welcomed by Joe Nuxhall. and therefore because of who he was in his characters it's a fun loving guy so professional he was accepted here in Cincinnati it is difficult it is hard. and Marty succeeded and I'm so happy for him that he met Amanda seven or eight years ago and they have a great relationship and now he's going to spend the next hopefully ten to fifteen years in good health with plenty of love and financial resources to do whatever he wants to do and that is the glory of the hall of fame telling it like it is and you would want to know you would not want to broadcast in to tell you that after five or six seasons of losing on average more than ninety games a year that everything's okay it's going to be fine don't worry about it they're hustling like crazy no they're not yeah I haven't spoken to him because I don't know but I would imagine the ownership of the Reds are angry at the fact that the modern baseball player does not play with the same gods in guy I'll and determination for victory as we would like as you and I know I work in Marty brought this point up that those who say will come into ten or fifteen or twenty games you can't do his job you couldn't do my job or your job showing up every now and then Marty got down there about three or four in the afternoon sometimes earlier and you get snippets of information just walking around that you're like during the game. and sitting behind his microphone. you have to feel as if you're the advocate for the listener Marty Brennaman represented Reds baseball fans which almost got him fired several times. and so that was the success of the man and if you want to read a great column check out the Enquirer website ominous Rachel hook it up to mine to listen to the words of Brian tome and why a man who came from Pittsburgh and found in one of the great churches in the tri state accepting many fallen away Catholics discussed the by many things and the Catholic Church which bother why I will never ever quit being a Catholic because of the sins and crimes committed by others I will do that but I understand all others do they fall away but Brian tome is let the flame. of religion in the hearts and souls of eighty thousand greater Cincinnati ins that otherwise that would not happen the flame burns and Brian tome the flame is out for Marty but he's asked us to give. a second third and fourth changed the Tommy throw in which I will do. and I think Jeff Brantley is wonderful I'm not going to assume that Tommy thrall content somehow take the place of Marty Brenham he may do the same job but tell me in five or ten years. 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