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Neo **** on their way to the gun rights rally in Richmond Matthews will be held as soon in court filings Matthews and the other man reportedly were heard on video saying starting violence at the rally could lead to civil war there was no violence the state Senate session under way this hour senators expected to approve what is known as a red flag law will require some people to turn over their or their weapons temporarily if they are deemed a risk to themselves or others Republicans have raised numerous due process concerns the law does require a court order the number of deaths from the corona virus rising the number of dead from the corona virus in China he's now jumped dramatically to a seventeen with over five hundred more confirmed cases in China around will hand everybody is now required to wear masks in public in the U. S. a one case in the Seattle area doctors say that man is doing well and they do not believe he is contagious and a longer that's ABC's Alex stone one dead and one injured in a fire in Williamsburg was one of two bad fires to our east there is also a two alarm fire in Virginia beach that injured a fireman additional troops are headed to Afghanistan in a ceremony at Southern Illinois University Illinois governor JB Pritzker thank the four hundred National Guard members from Missouri and it Illinois set to begin a nine month deployment to Afghanistan I am truly honored to be here with the members of the second battalion of the one hundred and thirtieth infantry regiment and all the loved ones already counting the days until your return it's estimated twelve thousand American troops are stationed in Afghanistan the president has previously said he would support a true production there but a draw down has not been formally announced Ribeiro ABC news Chicago presidential candidate told the Gabbard has filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over an interview which Clinton appeared to call Gabbard the favorite of the Russians checking your money the Dow is currently up thirty four points the SMB is currently up nine points the nasdaq is up fifty points your next news at one thirty news on demand it news radio W. R. V. A. dot com I'm AT downline in Richmond's news weather and traffic station news radio eleven forty W. R. V. A. and ninety six point one FM here's your shot to win a one.

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