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And there's a rotating banner at the top. You can you have to register gonna be twenty one got to be twenty one to come to that. It is the eighteenth. Yes. Yeah. So this Saturday next Saturday in the evening, it'll be nice. So let's you had Boehner Candida number one. I need to speak to a special agent, please to woman who was arrested after trespassing at the CIA for three days in a row and then asking to see agent penis. Voter candidate number two. Controversial why? A bar in Ohio. Trying to raise money for women's issues. But they the woman bartender. I know I'll create a special cocktail we'll give proceeds to this women's clinic. It's the administration themed cocktail with a tampon tuber sticking it and phone or candidate number three who has the best pal. It's a serial robber burglar. He keeps breaking into Chinese restaurants. Let's see here the winner. Boehner candidate number two controversial, why is the menstruation top tale deservedly? Right. That's the one around to it might be Boehner the day. We'll see what the winner of around ones voting has to say about that. Really? It's you have the say because. Yeah, you vote at nine twenty. That's when we're going to put them both up against each other for Boehner fight nine twentieth. When you decide Boehner of the day. So so my my youngest he's like a a wanna be survivalist. Really? He's he he he'd be gone in a day. He no, he he he I think I could drop him. I think he could be make it in a frayed. Let's drop them in the woods with a knife. And but yesterday he bugs then. Yeah. He's not afraid of the no, no he loved that whose son is he. Mother would just assume dog so yesterday he said he said momma, they're very many raccoons and Oregon. I said, oh, I yeah. I say there's probably a lot of raccoons. Imagine it might even be the raccoon capital. I don't know. Because you know, we're going to our retirement plan is the Christmas tree for in Oregon and planets. And he said he's decided I want to start saving up my allowance for I wanna get a Coon hound. They're never about about eight hundred bucks Coon hound. And I said why why do you want a Kuna? Well, of course, they're reading where the Redfern grows at school. He's completely enamored with an he doesn't know how it ends. And I'm not no I'm not going to. I've never read that book really know. But I know it's kinda like old yeller, isn't it? Well, yeah. Yeah. Two dogs die to one. Land. No bold, Dan, or whatever they are in can't remember these I want to save for Cuneo. I wanna own a hunt hunt for coons in in Oregon at the tree farm to keep the raccoons out of the tree farm. So what I'm thinking? They'll Bill is is maybe our sons could team up here. Ooh. So so so Muhammed could have his Coon hound you tree a Coon Coon dogs do chase him up the tree. And then he could just hand because he doesn't need it. After that. Handed off to little Bill for his taxidermy. Hobby. You have you have no idea. I mean, you don't know yet. The first time he has a can get his hands on it that goon Denver Coon. He he may say, you know, I I. I need to I need a how about a blanket. You know, they are. I think they should the team the team up of a business here somewhere else, or I don't I don't know. I don't know what she wants to Muhammed picking up any any pointers from little bit. No. I just want him handing over the because I don't want to deal with dead records. So if we have somebody that's in the market for your son. He's going to insist on learning how to skin them and Tanel, I gotta do this. I mean, if he's a genuine survivalist he'll he'll want to have that skill. Those are he watches YouTube video after YouTube video of survival skills. I forget what what the show was called. But my kids really liked it. And he'd love it with these two survivalist and they drop them out in the middle of nowhere. When nothing and one of them never wore any shoes in on the show, somebody what remember the name of the crazy. He he didn't wear shoes ever in the winter. They drop them off in vendors gapes. He wasn't wearing. Stupid barefoot because because he's viable. She knows how to live with with not having any shoes in a rap leaves around your feet. They kind of have a little competition to see which one of them didn't die survive better. You know? And so your your son Mohammed love that show. But I I'm just I'm Wade out. I think I'll know the day. When they get to the end of where the Redfern grows because I think he'll be inconsolable away. Devastating while. Yeah, he doesn't know where that's well. And that's when you need to call veterinarian sid. She says I'll I'll find you a rescue ready wreck rescue Coon hound husky Coon hound. Nause? They're not pleasant dogs. I'm sorry. Yeah. He's been trying to teach Riley how to be a hunting dog like Honey, she's not she's a she's a house path. But he looked online. How you how you train your? Well. She's a retriever. Yeah. I mean, that's it's in her name for it's it's the he's to teacher. I'm like, no reprieve. She's a house dog. She's not your pal. You're not good. To train them when they're young to know, she spiders in our house. That's she's good at that. But she hunts, and I think her for this biter hunter, she can spot him from across the respond retriever. You can just tell the hair on the back of her neck goes up, and she. Just like to point out to both of you that I didn't make this break about me you to declaring war on my raccoon friends. You have raccoon friend rocket. Oh, my favorite avenger what he's he's talking rolling. He'd shoot back. All right. I wouldn't try to kill talking. Also, that's the qualification. They. Crash.

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