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He wants compared making movies to You said you know when you make a kid. Right something one hundred times on the chalkboard and they've done something wrong. He's making a movie like he hated. Doing all these takes hated standing around waiting. Why he didn't make a ton of, but he he felt like the live audience is like he compared it to a heroin addict like shooting up. You know like he just loved that rush and he definitely get that for movies which I mean the crew standing around looking at you waiting for lunch. It wasn't as bag at all. It was not as back. You found this description from rolling stone editor Ben Fong Torres. Which I think describes him. Like to you want to read that Sir Okay so Ben Fong Torres who is in almost famous. He he had says the Rodney Dangerfield looks like a midlife crisis. There's a surface orderliness. He's groomed and he's dressed like a businessman at a convention. Gray hair slicked back over a haggard shades of Mayor Daley face. Suit White Shirt, bright, red tie, Silk, silk, stockings, China shoes, but the neatness gives way to what he calls the heaviness. Over him. Life gives Rodney Dangerfield the jitters. He's in a constant sweat. He wipes his brow incessantly tugs at his tie herky-jerky, as he recounts the horrors of his daily life shifts, shoulders uncomfortably in his eyes bug out of their bags. He moves the floor Mike around. The comedy store stage looking for sympathy, but all he gets are laughs. I. Just think that's fantastic man. He Nailed Rodney dangerfield absolutely in. His shirt and tie that came about because. Well, he hated clothes in fashion. Yeah, let's just go and say that I. Think it's time he was. He was a Slob. He said an interview how much he hated close so I never cared about clothes and fashion and was comfortable robe. Basically. and. But for one of his first acts, he put on the red in the black suit and dress dapper, and when it came for the second performance, he was like well they. They liked me in that so I'm just going to wear that. And that became his stick was. Very Dapper, looking guy who's always very well. Put together right. In fact, I just saw earlier today when he gave out a best makeup award at the think, eighty-seven Academy Awards really yeah, and he and he walked up and he sedate Nice Tuxedo, everybody right underneath torn undershorts. Feeling like was the dead truth. Probably had like holy underwear. Syria you should look that it to me and that's great I will because he basically does five minutes of stand up at Academy Awards. And it gives out in order to iron, man vs dirty dancing. Yeah, take some notes and then some dangerfield stuff. Should we take a break here, chuck? To can add break yeah. Yeah. We'll be right back after this..

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