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Diego's laughable when you go to kansas city barbeque society or national barbecue association and talk about the barbecue meccas of the nation. But we learned how to do it the right way we had mentors. My mentor was gene. Gorka chair he taught us kind of sam. Said you gotta know what you don't know. And we knew that we needed a specialty in that specialty was barbecued. But i wasn't going to be the one. You know the pit master behind the scenes. But i was gonna find somebody those gonna help bring on this culture and then we immediately company. That was around twenty seventeen where we started publishing podcasts. Sammy started our friendship. I had him on a behind the smoke which was what digital hospitality was before and i asked him if he was going to be opening up a restaurant he said there was no chance so now i've had him on the podcast. I believe four times. We've had him on the podcast. He has i think four restaurants so he's by far surpassed how many restaurants we've opened But we're hoping to catch up to catch up with them with some of our ghosts location. So as we'll make a little list as we go things to know the entrepreneurial worl- don't do what you can't do find people to do that and clearly never say never yes never say never never not in the media. I had absolutely no intention of opening a restaurant. Now i'm happy but it works for me because the relationship that i have. How do you guys split your time..

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