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I get money. So you know what, though I'll give you a guy right now. And Joe is going to agree with me. I'll give you met Haman Overdraft. I'm calling it right, Davis. No. Jeff McNeil, because a first of all Jeff McNeil's a tremendous hitter, Tremendous and you love his position. Eligibility to You think I could. Second guy complete third guy's qualifying the outfield? I love that. I love that. And look JD Davis has that too, To a degree. So qualified third, the outfield, But I like that. But then again, dumb question. Does that matter in Rodeo? What was quickly will matter. Right the position you play position eligibility. Is that going to be as important? I think I think position eligibility is more important. Forgot for size testing for covert. You wantto have guys that you want of eligibility. We haven't talked about that yet where guys are obviously going to get sick, So you need a deeper bench. You need guys that can play all different places. You're Danny Santana's. You're Jeff McNeil's Me and Evan always share brain on that We love having that Swiss on like a pop in everywhere. That's why Marwin Gonzalez gets drafted every single year because more wins the guy you could play a 1,000,000 different positions, even though we forgot to hit. By the way, Speaking of the cove it thing I as much as I don't like. This guy is a baseball player. I am very happy to hear that Freddie Freeman is doing well. And I was scared. He was He was talking the other day about having 104 and he was praying to God. I am so happy to see Freddie back and I say this with peace and love. I can't wait, Fred Way he'll be out there this weekend. And, you know he's gonna feel real good. So you see, I know, I know. Freddie, I can't wait to see you hit a home run in city feeling it. You know, he's good for a couple. Yes, but that's that's good to hear, man because for anybody really no doubt it was scary hearing about that a couple of weeks ago with what he was dealing with, so it's great that he recovered and he's back in camp and look. He's a hell of a ballplayer. He'll be a free agent in two years, so Just saying maybe Stevie Cole what was going to play, though? If we got a lot going for, you know. Yeah, That's the problem with Teo. That's that's exactly right. Th that's true. That's that's going to be in the National League. So D agents covered. I will come back and get back to your calls. 877337 66 66 minute going Robert still six or five psychos now offering an extra 15% credit on Carl. Let's say You just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer.

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