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The homicide rate in DC is more than forty percent higher than it was in twenty seventeen the latest number one hundred fifty eight for the year coming just before midnight. A man was shot and killed on West Virginia avenue northeast, people in our community articulate voice are getting caught in a very scary and dangerous cycle. Fine, months fueled by illegal firearm, mayor Muriel. Bouncer says those teams are settling petty arguments with deadly force, and she's urging adults who know any teams with guns to turn them into police. Montgomery county. Police are looking for a man who spent about a half hour hanging out in the children's section of the Rockville library Saturday evening before he approached a five year old girl pulled down her pants and touched her inappropriately before running off the girls screamed and ran to find her parents police say the person they believed to be the attacker. They saw him on surveillance video they're asking you to call. If you were there and saw anything a battle over the longtime name of an Arlington county high school moves to the courtroom today. A judge will decide whether to grant the county's motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by community members who claim the school board failed to follow proper procedures in deciding to strip confederate general Robert E Lee's name from Washington Lee, high school parent, Tony Delancey. Thank you already of the parents and the students and the alumni and the entire community are opposed. But they're not listening to us. They have their own agenda. Tomorrow new names will be considered at a school board meeting. The Anna Rundle county school board decides today, whether to make cultural diversity training required learning for all students. The course was started at a Rundle high in response to a petition that circulated the school in two thousand seventeen urging students to join a white supremacy movement to success we've seen at a Rundle combined with events of hate and bigotry across our county. Have led us to this point this point of opportunity county, teachers specialist rich Berger argues that now there is a moral imperative to institute the course countywide the class includes lessons on cultural, competency, tolerance, stereotypes, biases and empathy win Delano on wwl and WMA AL dot com. You'll be sharing the road with holiday traffic over the next few days with the worst of it coming this afternoon and tomorrow triple A says. It'll be another record setter with more than one hundred two million people traveling this weekend, many of them sitting in traffic, but at least they're burning the cheapest gas of the year national average now down to two forty six a gallon merry Christmas to federal workers from President Trump is signed an executive order that closes all executive branch agencies next Monday Christmas Eve giving most federal workers a four day holiday weekend. There will be some employees who still need to work. I'm sure you know, who you are checking your money. The Dow opens at twenty three six seventy six the NASDAQ at sixty seven eighty four in sports the wizards fall to the hawks in Atlanta Redskins, Trent Williams and Ryan Kerrigan a named to the Pro Bowl and the camps riding a five game win streak host their biggest rivals tonight is the penguins come to town forward. Travis Boyd salaries, I think a little more exciting to play to play a rival team. Yeah. Obviously, you get a little.

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