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Cardinal defender from the right side of the floor. State offense got too far afield. Jordan, Travis felt that step up into the pocket. There's a wide open lane from the run to pick up the first receiver to each side first and then first in 10 of the 13 of Louisville on the opening possession. Travis threw for 200 ran for 100 against North Carolina last Saturday night in the wind play actually Rolls left gets away from two defenders flipped for Web on an option pitch, and it's incomplete. At the 10 yard line, or that was kind of a dangerous play rolling to his left kind of flipping it back across his body. Was it not for the incompletion, rolling to his left and right handed quarterback would have been a difficult throw with his right hand. That's why he flipped it almost like an option. Old school triple option kind of flip forward. Madam Yin Web unable to corral that one a little high for him. Only a 58 Shawn Corbin is the running back now beside Travis to its right three receivers to the left read option. It's Corbett hammering down 10 down the eight through the bodies that will bring up third down. As Louisville able to come out strong up the middle with CJ Avery, one of their starting linebackers of senior on the hit third Down call here for Mike nor Bell, in his first season as the Florida State coach, battled Copan 19 earlier this year and missed the Miami game. They were blown out here on compass media networks by the Hurricanes. Three receivers left. They can get a first down at the three yard line. Moving left on Jordan. Travis looks for the play to the right here, with the play clock rolling down tight and emotion to the left. Running back reduction. Travis fumbled it. Got it back. He's in trouble, made a defender, miss scrambling the five leaping to the so did you get in touch down on a broken play Jordan Travis runs left and leaps and for the school Jordan, Travis. In court morning having bad exchange back in the back with ball was fumbled. Travis picks it up. Makes three or four guys missing the back half of that makes a break for the end zone. Wow, Sometimes you'd rather be lucky than to be good. This was the case there. Ball pops up. He picks it up. I say three or four, maybe five or six. Cardinal defenders missed their weight right beside him, and he made him both miss initially race left and scored Parker Roadhouse. Try the extra point for Florida State who scored 2.5 minutes into the game on their opening drive, and the extra point is right through there. So Florida State goes 65 yards on the opening drive. Jordan Travis takes it in That makes the score Florida State seven in Louisville. Nothing. We'll take a quick break. This is a football compass networks. Is.

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