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And welcome to daily tech headlines, we can review. Facebook announced it will expand a test of an updated news feed algorithm with less political content. The test will include 75 new countries, although didn't name specifics. Facebook already rolled out the tests in the U.S., Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and Indonesia. The company also plans to introduce a new take a break feature for teenagers on Instagram, as part of efforts to nudge teenagers away from content that may not be conducive to their well-being. In the Apple versus epic lawsuit, judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers largely ruled in apple's favor, the only exception was a permanent injunction stating Apple could no longer prohibit developers from pointing users to outside payment systems with Apple having until early December to revise its App Store rules. Apple now plans to appeal that decision asking the judge for a stay on the injunction through the appeals process. Epic previously announced it was appealing as well. Also, Google countersuit Epic Games for breach of contract when it switched its default payment system in Fortnite away from Google Play billing. Apple successfully sued epic on similar grounds with epic order to pay $3.65 million in damages last month. According to documents seen by Reuters, Amazon's private brain's team in India used internal data from third parties to copy so called reference products to then sell on its platform. This included things like the exact physical dimensions of a product and information on customer returns. The document also showed Amazon prioritizing these copied products and search with a 2016 document saying they would appear within the first three results. Amazon salima brand was used for products developed under this program, with many of the products now sold on the main site. HDC opened pre orders for the vive Flo a $499 entertainment focused VR headset. The stand-alone headset offers two 1.6 caper eye display with a 75 hertz refresh rate, and 100° field of view. It supports inside out motion tracking with hand tracking in a future update. There's no controller rather users pair in Android phone to use as a control pad. It runs on a Qualcomm XR one chipset and weighs 189 grams. Less than half of the Oculus quest two and chips in November. The Wall Street Journal states the Securities and Exchange Commission is communicating with attorneys for Francis Hagen, the former Facebook employee turned whistleblower. The SEC declined to confirm whether it is probing miss hoggan's allegations and Facebook has not yet commented. As for possible avenue of exploration within the complaints, former SEC enforcement official David rosenfeld states, if Facebook had information that their actual numbers were much lower than what they are reporting, or that clearly showed they were going to decline, that probably is the type of thing that should be disclosed. General Motors reached a deal with LG over replacing both EV batteries, estimating LG will offset $1.9 billion of the $2 billion expense GM states it was happy to reach this agreement with a valued and respected supplier after originally stressing the recall was due to manufacturing defects in LG batteries that could increase the risk of battery fires. One password launched a new feature for securely sharing login credentials called password secure sharing tool, otherwise known as and is reportedly one of the company's most requested features. Password secure sharing tool allows for sharing a generated link other people can access even without an account. Generated links can be set to expire within an hour or up to 30 days. Niche Asia's sources say TSMC and Sony are in talks to build a joint semiconductor fab in Japan. If the project goes through, this would be TSMC's first in Japan. This would reportedly be built on Sony land, adjacent to its image sensor factory. The Japanese government would subsidize half of the cost of the construction if TSMC commits to prioritizing chips from the plant for the Japanese market. WhatsApp began rolling out end to end encrypted chat backups on iOS and Android, users will be able to set a password or 64 digit encryption key before backups are uploaded to iCloud or Google Drive. Magic leap announced its readying the release of the magic leap to AR headset next year, with select customers using it in an early access program and general availability to follow. Magically initially was developing a consumer friendly AR headset. Then change the headset's name from magic leap one to the magic leap one creator edition, reportedly abandoning its consumer business in 2020. The Wall Street Journal sources say apple is looking at using AirPods as a health device, possible applications include use as a hearing aid, monitoring posture with motion sensors and checking temperature. Sources say any health uses for AirPods wouldn't be ready until after.

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