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Animals are people to the Danish air force paid about $5000 to Santa Claus after his reindeer died of a heart attack when two fighter jets roared over his farm. A loving economic not the real Santa Claus, of course, said his reindeer Rudolph, not the real Rudolph just to help her, died after the screaming F-16 jets flew at low altitude. Nikonov wrote to the air force who compensated him for the loss of the reindeer in some vet expenses. Unlike the real Santa nikonov had only two reindeer and now has only one, so he'll use the money to replace Rudolph. Ombre savage for animal radio. Animals are people too animal radio. All of us hear it, fido friendly magazine can't wait to get on the road again with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side. Start day dreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout out places near and far, so you will be ready for your next adventure once it's safe to travel. That's phyto friendly dot com. Until then, stay safe and leave no dog behind. You're listening to animal radio in today's show originally aired 11 years ago on Christmas 2010. We all hope you love this holiday special. And best wishes from all of us, here at animal radio. This is an animal radio news update. For animal radio news, I'm Laurie Roberts. Did you buy your pet a gift for Christmas? 56% of women were likely to more likely than men at 49%. According to an AP poll. However, it was the kiddies who are more likely to get the cold treatment as 56% of dog owners said they'd buy a gift for the hound of the house, but only 48% of kitties were going to get a gift. In Australia, marriage is going to the dogs. Literally. In the city of toumba, Joseph guizot married his best friend. His 5 year old lab, honey, who he adopted 5 years ago. The couple decided on the location of Laurel bank park after seeing a wedding there during an afternoon walk. Mister guizhou said he looked at honey and stated that could be us. And she didn't say anything, so he took that as a yes. 30 friends and family witnessed the emotional ceremony which took place at dusk, where Joseph vows included you're my best friend and you make every part of my day better. Mister guizhou says he is a religious person and could no longer take the guilt of living with honey out of wedlock. He assures it's not a sexual thing. It's just pure love. The couple was planning a short honeymoon to one of the local parks. For animal radio news, I'm Laura Roberts for breaking animal news. Go to animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news update. Get more at animal radio dot com. One 8 6 6 four O 5 8 four O 5. Happy Christmas weekend. Keep that tinsel away from your animals if you will. It's very dangerous. Doctor Debbie is going to have to put out here early today to go take tinsel out of a cat. Emergencies this time of year. Don't let it pass. If you see them do it. Yeah. They can't go through their system. Let's head to the phones right now. We have Debbie on the phone. Hey, Debbie, how are you doing? Hi, I'm wonderful. How are you? Good. I understand you want to talk to animal communicator joy Turner. Yes. I certainly would thank you. She's right here. I love their Debbie. Hi, joy. How are you? Marvelous. And what can I do for you today? Well, I have a 15 year old used to be a feral cat. He's not very friendly. And he hates everything, but he's my good boy. And he stays in the house all day and goes out when we get home and then after dinner he goes out and he comes in at that time. But when Steve and I he did not come in, which is not an initial sometimes he's out on life, but then he comes in first thing the next morning. Well, I have not seen him since Wednesday night. I live in a very wooded area on developed area outside of Fort Myers, Florida. I have combed all things of Woods with my dog, looking for him. All over the neighborhood. And the only thing is we have, we do have wild animals out here. Okay. Coyotes, coyotes, and other predators. And some of these names, if you're kidding, excuse me, I'm sorry. His name is Ziggy. Okay, so give me a minute here. I'm going to see okay. Well, the first thing he tells me is that he wanted to go back to being wild, but he hadn't intended to stay out this long. Okay. So I want to take a minute and ask him where he is in relationship to his body. Okay. He tells me he's still in his body. So that's a good thing. Yes, you're out of it. So they will tell me if they're out of it. He is what from what he's showing me. He is just roaming around there. And there is some confusion. I don't know if maybe he suffered some kind of a something like maybe a stroke or something. Well, he was very upset that evening when the neighbor cats came over and was just acting like he wanted to live here and he was very upset. He was upset about that. Okay, so I would do a couple of things if I were you because he is still somewhere not too far from where you are. Okay. Although he won't tell me exactly where. I can tell him do I assume that your neighbor cats you would not allow to live there, you want him there? No. No, the neighbor cat went home, and we have not seen him since. I want to tell Ziggy that everyone should that neighbor cat back to where that cat had lived before and their face is open for him and you really would appreciate it if he would come back home again because this is his home. And the neighbor cat has his own home. That's correct, because he runs this house. Ziggy runs my house. And Vicky just gave me a big sigh. So I would keep telling him that type of thing and you would do that by thinking about him and when you talk to him really feel like you're connected to him and sent him a lot of love as much love as you can. And make as many pictures in your mind about this being his home. Okay. And.

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